African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 49 As a financial service provider, specialises in the use of listed Exchange Trade Products (ETP) to offer clients investment products, research services, information databases, and consulting services for ETFs/ ETNs as well as other listed ETPs in the financial markets of South Africa and Africa. Here we take a closer look at its services to find out more. outh Africa welcomed the ETF industry in the year 2000, and from then, started to collect data on the market capitalisation, new capital raised, securities in issue, and monthly performance surveys for the ETF entire industry and other index tracking unit trusts in South Africa. This data is used in regular reports that are published on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. In 2020, produced a 20-year history of the South African ETF industry that included detailed and historical content on the development and current state of the ETP industry. Since this was made available, local universities have encouraged students to use it and other statistics for academic research. has dedicated some of its resources to producing research on the industry, new ETF products, investment trends, and ETP industry developments. Its research services in the industry are unique in South Africa and have been valuable for clients, so much so that has been encouraged to expand its research services to other African exchanges. With extensive knowledge of the industry, can offer services that are led by experts with the necessary tools to help clients reach their desired goals. In particular, it specialises in designing and offering investment products to retail investors, with the unique feature of using only listed ETFs in such multi-asset portfolio construction. Usually, retirement funds require consistency of investment returns that meet the risk management targets. This can be achieved when focussing on diversification in different asset classes, geographic locations, and allocation strategies that deliver capital growth and income over time. With nearly 200 ETPs listed in South Africa and 40 listed on eight African stock exchanges, there are enough passive ETPs to construct multi-asset retirement portfolios. offers portfolios of ETFs as well as other ETPs that deliver a combination of benchmark returns at a low cost and with minimal tracking errors. These are great solutions for those trying to save for retirement, which is why it offers clients retirement portfolios with varying risk profiles for individual retirement funds, preservation funds, and living annuities. For healthy individuals and corporate bodies, offers wealth management services where its team designs bespoke portfolios using only ETP as it ensures transparency, liquidity, diversity, and low cost. These services are provided to rand-based investors in South Africa and to investors who have extended their wealth beyond Africa and operate with offshore bank accounts. When designing its services, created the fully digital investor hub where investors that don’t have the capital required for its wealth management can access all of the nearly 200 ETFs, ETNs, AMCs and AMETFs, listed on the JSE. Users can switch, reinvest dividends, and administrate investments from an electronic portal. The Investor Hub is a low-cost specialised provider of access to ETPs in South Africa. Since the government introduced tax-free savings and investment accounts for individuals in 2012, it provides an ideal platform for operating and administrating tax-free investment accounts. As a source of knowledge and expertise about ETFs, also offers consultancy services that assist institutions in South Africa and Africa with launching ETFs, setting up a structure to house ETFs, and adhering to regulatory rules and frameworks. It has optimised and grown its knowledge through the years, enabling it to provide valuable advice and services to its clients. We are pleased to announce that has been recognised as the Best ETPs Database 2023 – EMEA. With over two decades of experience in the industry, can offer its expertise to help you grow your wealth while minimising risk and cost. For more information, please visit’s website. Contact: Mike Brown Company: Web Address: S Best ETPs Database 2023 - EMEA