African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 48 Most Valuable IT Company 2023 As one of the fastest growing information technology, telecommunication, safety, security, and automation systems solutions providers within Nigeria, LinkSpec Technologies has been consistently delivering fantastic IT services to a multitude of customers. By pursuing greatness, it’s managed to extend its reach across the globe, and we take a look into how Link-Spec Technologies Limited has come to earn such a fantastic reputation over the past fifteen years. ince its inception, Link Spec Technologies Limited has been utilising every tool at its disposal to provide invaluable services to a vast array of clients. As a direct result of its ambitious outlook on the IT sphere, its constant innovation has allowed it to connect with companies and businesses from every corner of the world, all whilst providing only the highest quality services available. Now, it succeeds in to consistently providing comprehensive IT services to its cohesive network of partners, all whilst matching the pace of an everevolving industry. Within the fifteen years since its initial founding, Link Spec Technologies Limited has come leaps and bounds in its respective sphere. Not only has its services expanded in both range and quality, but it’s overseen the establishment of multiple representative offices throughout various areas. With branches now existing in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin City, and a technical presence in Ghana, Kenya, and all states in Nigeria, it has created a perfect balance between accessibility and quality. And with a highly qualified engineering and R&D team at the helm, Link Spec Technologies Limited manages to develop what can only be described as state-of-the-art technologies and tools. As a result, success for both the collective itself, in addition to its clients, presents Link Spec Technologies Limited with a unique opportunity that it’s long since recognised. It believes in delivering services founded on excellence, which has directly contributed to a multitude of benefits for the company. Be it through its numerous clients, who have helped it cultivate a 100% customer retention, or the chance to hone its services based on quality feedback, all of these factors coalesce in a collective that’s always at the forefront of innovation. It’s only through said innovation that Link Spec Technologies Limited is capable of treating every individual client as though they’re the only client that it serves. It places an incredibly strong emphasis on this personalisation, despite the nature of its services, which is undoubtedly what has granted it with such a loyal pool of customers. No two individuals are the same, so it would stand to reason that no IT need is either. Link Spec Technologies Limited is acutely aware of this, and has adapted itself to ensure that it’s always on top of its game, no matter what. Its clients are its motivation, which truly shines through its practises. At its core, Link Spec Technologies Limited is concerned with one resounding mission – to provide seamless technological distribution with world-class original equipment manufacturers, whilst also providing ICT solutions that combine green technology and a human touch. And, as showcased through a recent endeavour, it’s clear to see that it’s in hot pursuit of this goal. Its latest project, being an implementation of an end-to-end hybrid hotel ERP solution, complete with network and server infrastructure, serves as a testament to the incredible skill on display throughout Link Spec Technologies Limited. Its cutting-edge technology is undeniably bringing Africa closer to the forefront of IT advancements. It has an unerring dedication to its craft – something that has continuously manifested throughout each individual project. Link Spec Technologies Limited clearly thrives in all that it does, and this is evidenced, not only by its previously completed projects, but the collective brilliance that it’s fostered through its workforce. With only the best talent spearheading the business, Link Spec Technologies Limited is able to excel at an astounding rate. IT services have always been invaluable, but Link Spec Technologies Limited puts a whole new spin on the notion of what it means to assist anyone within the technological sphere. It takes care of any of its clients’ concerns, all in the hopes that it can not only evolve on its own, but help bring Africa into the limelight more than it already has. Were proud to award it with its most recent title, and we’ll be eagerly awaiting Link Spec Technologies Limited’s next big step towards the future of IT. Contact: Alfred Salami Company: Link Spec Technologies Limited Web Address: S