African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 46 Best Luxury Cruise Agency 2023 - Southern Africa Cruise Vacations represents a portfolio of some of the world’s most luxurious cruise lines. It promotes these once in a lifetime trips to customers originating from Africa, through its marketing, sales and reservations functions as a General Sales Agent (GSA). It predominantly works with local travel agencies and consultants in its capacity as a supplier. Cruise Vacations has been in the business for over 26 years, having originally operated under the Starlight Cruises banner. It presides over the Southern African region to promote a collection of some of the world’s most elite, specialised, and luxury cruise lines. As General Sales Agents, the company is able to consult with clients to help plan a voyage that will perfectly meet their requirements. It has links with some of South Africa’s finest travel professionals, so it is also easily able to recommend exactly the right person in the nearby locality who can take care of all aspects of its client’s itinerary requirements. Cruise Vacations puts great stock in its company values of passion, commitment, and hard work. It has created an environment that encourages exceptional service to both agents and clients, whilst being at liberty to represent incredible products it finds utterly captivating. The company has recently developed and launched a new Travel Agency Portal, to make planning and booking luxury cruises even more accessible. It’s a simple platform, designed to bring up to the minute offers, product information, training modules, and marketing tools to local travel agencies who book with Cruise Vacations. The company realises it has a huge responsibility as a local supplier to encourage agents and clients to book through its office, and not through overseas online sites. Encouraging people to come direct is helping to contribute to the local economy and outbound tourism industry. Providing tools such as the Portal also means the local travel trades people can be upskilled, and given a confidence that translates to more sales. “Our highly experienced team of cruise specialists are on standby to assist you in selecting the cruise that best suits your requirements and budget.” Cruise Vacations is proud to have won the award as Africa’s Best Cruise Travel Agency, at the 2022 World Cruise Awards, and has recently found out it has been nominated in the same category for 2023. We wish the company the best of luck, but are not at all surprised. Cruise Vacations have declared its mission as being to make sure its clients receive an impeccable level of service. Its intention to ensure its clients incredible luxury cruise and travel experience begins from the very moment of contact. By this it means that the level of knowledge and service they receive, even if via a travel agency, will be exceptional and hassle-free throughout the booking process. Beyond that, it knows once they’re on board their selected luxury ship, they’ll continue to receive excellent service. The aim is to provide luxury from start to finish, and encourage referrals by word of mouth. The internal culture at Cruise Vacations is comfortable and relaxed, with an environment designed to aid the passionate promotion of its incredible cruise products. Motivated by achievable targets, and incredible educational travel opportunities, the team at Cruise Vacations are self-managed and enjoy a flexible working environment. This, combined with the company’s penchant for irrepressible humour, is what has given it the winning formula. Other aspects that set it apart from the rest include having a core team of staff who have worked together for nearly 15 years. This enables a very personalised and knowledgeable service. Also, unlike many competitors, Cruise Vacations focus on a small portfolio of luxury products, without over-diversifying. This allows it to give the very best service in promotion of its products, and to the clients who book them. Looking to the future, fortunately the cruise lines represented by Cruise Vacations are currently growing and expanding their products, with several new ship launches imminently planned. For Cruise Vacations, this provides opportunities for future growth within the current product range it offers. Consequently, however, it is now in the process of designing a new system to ensure it can cope with the projected growth. The company also has a new award to add to its growing tally. It has been announced as the Best Luxury Cruise Agency 2023 - Southern Africa in the African Excellence Awards. Another tremendous commendation for this outstanding GSA. Company: Cruise Vacations Web Address: Contact Name: Gaynor Neill May23674