African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 44 Most Innovative Solar Design & Installation Specialists 2023 - Benin It’s no secret that our planet’s environment is careening towards a state of crisis. Many energy sources are simply too demanding, leading to an outcry for more eco-friendly, sustainable solutions. ESOM Green Power Technology (ESOM) stands as the cornerstone of a much-needed shift, and below we explore how it installs solar alternatives that are designed to make a difference. ased in Cotonou, ESOM is a Beninese company that’s wholeheartedly focused on one core mission – to deliver sustainable, renewable energy solutions to the African continent. Be it design, supply, or installation, ESOM is determined to go above and beyond to ensure the maximum usage of eco-friendly energy panels. These most often take the form of photovoltaic solar panels, however, PV application equipment and the provision of solar application engineering solutions are also among ESOM’s impressive repertoire. By partnering with a plethora of companies who each work towards similar goals and value the same ideals, ESOM has managed to cultivate a quality that’s simply unlike anything else within Africa’s current solar industry. Its partners all have their own factories, in which the creation process of each individual product is overseen in order to guarantee quality above all else. As a result, ESOM has the tools to reshape Africa’s energy processes into a far more renewable and sustainable model. ESOM is incredibly grateful for the support that it receives from its international financial partners, as it’s only due to this overwhelming endorsement that it’s in a position to finance projects in the field of renewable energies. It does so through undeniably advantageous means, which is only made possible by the invaluable network of connections that it’s forged since its inception. ESOM has put in the work to unite with partners across the globe, and this dedication manifests through the services that it’s able to offer to its clients. But what exact services and products does ESOM provide? In the hopes of encouraging a solar transformation within the renewable energy sphere, it specialises in street and solar lamps, solar traffic lights, and solar power plants. As evidenced by both its street lamps and solar traffic lights, ESOM has mastered the art of reducing energy output on a monumental scale. Accordingly, powering these products causes no damage to the environment, and instead creates a way for cities throughout Africa to easily make the switch to renewable energy. This is all made possible through ESOM’s highly skilled installation officers. It deploys only the best of the best with the intention of securing an unparalleled quality throughout its services. Transfiguring energy from harmful to helpful should never have to act as a deterrent, and ESOM has tirelessly worked to select a carefully crafted staff base that’s able to make that change far easier. Of course, this is all a part of ESOM’s pursuit of transforming Africa into a continent that’s powered by renewable energy. In addition to the smaller quality of life updates that ESOM is ready to introduce to the cities and streets of Africa, it has also managed to forge the perfect approach towards establishing solar power plants. Based on the conversion of sunlight into electricity through either photovoltaics or concentrated solar power, ESOM designs turnkey power plants of a variety of sizes. However, it doesn’t stop at designing, and is willing to develop, finance, build, operate, and maintain the plants for its clients. ESOM is the master of renewable solutions. It’s utilised all of its capabilities since its inception to develop a new and innovative approach towards solar power, granting Africa with the chance to make the switch to renewable energy. Becoming a continent that operates off of a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solar power network isn’t a difficult process, and ESOM is at the forefront of proving this on both a national and international level. We’re incredibly proud to once again award ESOM with yet another award title. Its excellence has persevered throughout the years since it made its debut, and it’s continuously setting the standard within the solar power industry. There’s nothing that it’s not willing to do to make a positive change for the world in which we live. If that isn’t a selfless, award-winning mindset, then we aren’t sure what is. Contact: Kolawolé AGUIAR Company: Esom Green Power Technology Web Address: | B Jun23343