African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 41 As Tamra enthuses, “We are often pioneers of novel approaches, owing to our strong penchant for problem-solving. Each client’s distinct challenges provoke us to devise innovative solutions on a case-by-case basis.” Corporate Image’s commitment to continuous learning is palpable; several team members have pursued supplementary qualifications during their tenure. The principles of integrity and inventive thinking are visibly upheld. Tamra elucidates the firm’s perspective and ethos by explaining what has contributed to her company’s success: “We perceive ourselves not merely as an agency, but as integral members of our clients’ teams. This sense of accountability accounts for our enduring relationships— some spanning up to three decades.” In contrast to numerous entities that grappled during the Covid-19 pandemic with the transition of corporate communications from in-person interactions to the digital realm, Corporate Image thrived. Furthermore, Tamra underscores the transformative impact: “Presently, press conferences can transpire from any location, panel discussions can unite participants across diverse locales and even continents—feats we have achieved. This mode of communication optimises efficiency and drastically curtails travel, facilitating closer collaborations with clients across the continent. We now participate in previously inaccessible meetings, thereby deepening our insights and expediting our processes.” While challenges loom on the horizon, particularly concerning acquiring and retaining talent in South Africa due to emigration trends, Corporate Image remains unfazed. The firm’s accolade in the MEA Business Awards 2023, precisely the coveted distinction of Best Communications & Corporate Affairs Consultancy 2023 in South Africa, reflects its commendable standing. This recognition portends a promising trajectory for the company and its dedicated workforce, symbolic of a productive and prosperous future. In conclusion, Corporate Image Holdings stands as a preeminent force among South Africa’s communication consultancies. With its foundation dating back to 1987 and a steadfast promise to independence, the firm has made substantial contributions across diverse sectors. As showcased throughout this article, Corporate Image Holdings garners well-deserved recognition, solidifying its status as a true industry leader. Contact: Tamra Veley Company: Corporate Image Holdings Ltd Web Address: Corporate Image Holdings (Corporate Image) has thrived in diverse industries, specialising in reputation management, crisis communication, and fostering enduring client relationships. The firm’s Managing Director, Tamra Veley unveils the philosophy underpinning the firm’s success and its adaptability during the pandemic. stablished in 1987, the autonomous entity of Corporate Image Holdings has significantly engaged across a spectrum of industries, encompassing financial services, food and beverages, agriculture, retail, telecommunications and technology, as well as leisure and entertainment. Positioned as a specialist in the realms of reputation construction and management, in conjunction with adept crisis communication, Corporate Image boasts an expansive clientele featuring prominent blue-chip entities. A considerable majority of these enterprises are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Central to the firm’s philosophy lies a straightforward ethos: investing time in comprehending clients’ profiles, identifying their competitors, and attaining a comprehensive grasp of their industries. This is in pursuit of a singular objective—to foster, safeguard, and enhance its clients’ brand value and business ventures. Tamra Veley, the Managing Director, articulates this concept, stating, “Leveraging our nearly 30 years of experience in grappling with South Africa’s most intricate cases, coupled with our global reach and hands-on experience, we assist clients in navigating any challenge they may encounter. Our distinction lies in transcending conventional mandates, exceeding exacting timelines, and conceiving pragmatic ideas that transcend mere communication strategies.” The firm’s multidisciplinary expertise, bolstered by a dedicated team whose competencies span academics, economists, environmentalists, and graphic designers, among others, constitutes a well-regarded network of specialists. This ensemble collaboratively supplies insights tailored to clients’ needs and strategies, often spotlighting internal experts within the organisation and propelling their narratives in captivating ways. E Best Communications & Corporate Affairs Consultancy 2023 - South Africa