African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 Best South African Gardening Publication 2023 With over 20 years of experience delivering gold-standard gardening and DIY content, The Gardener is a monthly publication that provides readers with practical stories that inform and inspire. We take a closer look to find out more as it is recognised in the African Excellence Awards 2023. Taking care of your garden positively impacts the environment and wildlife, but it is equally good for those caring for it. Research continues to show how going outside and spending time in nature is associated with better physical, social, and mental health. Gardening is a fantastic hobby that allows you to spend time outdoors, move your body, and focus on a task that helps you stay present and grounded in the moment. This is a great way to take a break from your thoughts and connect with the natural world. Whether you are thinking of adding colour to your garden, looking for the best herbs for cooking and healing, tricks to be more efficient, the best products in the market, and more, Lonehill Media’s publication The Gardener is the perfect magazine to have at hand to help you through your journey of caring for your outdoor space. It is also available as Die Tuinier in Afrikaans. Those that give gardening a go soon realise how it provides valuable skills that benefit your day-to-day life. It teaches patience and discipline while helping you feel accomplished as you see your plants grow and flowers blossom over time. A little guidance goes a long way which is why it is great to join communities or access trustworthy resources. The Gardener brings its reader practical tips, step-by-step guides, inspiration, and knowledge that you can trust as its contributors are experts in their field and gardeners themselves. They stay on top of the horticultural trends, both local and international, to provide you with content that is current, entertaining, and helpful. Lonehill Media prides itself in its authenticity by publishing carefully thought-out content that meets its clients’ needs. The Gardener shares original ideas guided by strong values of honesty, integrity, and loyalty alongside its intimate knowledge of the green industry. Readers access information they can trust and rely on, which becomes an essential tool for all their gardening projects. As the digital world takes the lead, The Gardener has adjusted to these changes by sharing its expertise on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, as well as on its digital magazine and print. With 21K followers on Instagram and 50K subscribers on YouTube, Tanya has been able to create a community of garden lovers where The Gardener’s content is greatly received. Through its YouTube account, gardenTUBE, she puts together a range of DIY and gardening videos that people can watch and follow along. It is perfect for those that are visual learners who now use social media as their go-to platform to seek help or inspiration for their projects. By letting go of the old ways of being and adapting to the changes that present themselves, The Gardener is now able to reach more people than ever before. Its audience is expanding and changing as its content is now tailored to a range of individuals with diverse ways of digesting information. From long and short-form articles, engaging Instagram and Facebook captions, and interactive videos, its informative and engaging content provides thousands of individuals with top gardening tips. The Gardener has been working on a project that will expand its audience even further, as Lonehill Media is now filming the first season of The Gardener and Friends. Tanya shares, “The Gardener and Friends welcomes much-needed diversity to the television space: Xolani ‘Xo’ Mkhize takes to the screens turning thumbs green with his gardening tips, and Phindile Ndaba talks about all things indoors – choosing the right house plant, saving that dying orchid to routine care tips.” Both presenters have spent two years learning in preparation for the programme, and they are so excited to finally be in the recording stages to share with the public all the knowledge they have gathered in the best way possible. There is a social responsibility that The Gardener feels it has as it provides its readers with tools to help the upkeep of their garden. Its engaging and helpful content ensures that thousands of people approach their green space with the knowledge to help it thrive. From food security, mental health, environmental awareness, and physical health, the positive impact of gardening has been proven, documented, and reported. As you tend the outside space of your home, you are not only creating a beautiful space to relax and unwind, your body and mind will thank you too. The Gardener is a key part of your journey and will help you easily navigate the world of gardening. We are delighted to share that The Gardener has now received the title of Best South African Gardening Publication 2023. Its ability to adapt to the changes within its industry and dedication to providing its audience with inspirational, practical, and knowledgeable content is evident throughout its platforms. If you are looking for an updated guide to gardening, The Gardener provides you with “A publication for new gardeners as well as the most experienced ‘green fingers’.”