African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 32 Most Innovative Data Collection Company 2023 Edge Research Services Ltd is an innovative firm offering data collection services, research, and evaluation. It covers both qualitative and quantitative research services focused on top tier business clients from Nigeria, United States, Brazil, India, United Kingdom and all across Sub-Saharan Africa. Edge Research delivers results for its clients through reliable data and actionable insights. Its capabilities extend to over 20 countries, where it’s implemented large scale market and development research projects for numerous well known and reputable organisations including Azure Corporation, Busara Center for Behavioural Economics, National History Museum UK, Phillips Consulting, Nutrimental and more. The company’s core values are reliability, excellence, standards, and teamwork. Looking at these in a little more depth, beginning with reliability, Edge Research can be relied upon to produce results in a service-focused and timely manner. It’s an action-oriented company, committed to achieving agreed outcomes. When it comes to excellence, the company’s interpretation of data is always scrupulous, drawing useful conclusions from research. Its standards are of the highest level, and adhere to ethical norms, whilst observing the utmost levels of integrity, honesty and professionalism at all times. This means the quality and reliability of research outcomes is second to none. Regarding its teamwork value, Edge Research takes care to treat its clients as partners, always doing what’s right for them. It respects differences between colleagues, and promotes effective collaboration both within and across different units in order to achieve shared goals. Edge Research is a member of the Nigerian Marketing Research Association (NIMRA) and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR). This emphasizes what a trusted and reliable firm it is to work with. Recently it has undertaken a project to study the gas industry in Nigeria, to help a client understand the projected energy demands across a range of industries, identify market gaps, and position their partners strategically for the global energy transition. Owing to the expectation of population growth and industrialisation driving energy demands across the continent, this is valuable information. “Our mission is to deliver client results through reliable data and actionable insights. We understand and recognize that quality research and data can play a key role in helping businesses grow and addressing many of the continent’s challenges.” The internal culture at Edge Research primarily revolves around hiring individuals who are creative problem solvers, and enjoy helping others. The company then uses active listening, and constructive feedback to empower its employees and share company goals. It also invests in world class training and development to ensure its employees’ success, growth, and development. Any new staff recruited to the team happens strategically, using websites and job boards that align with the values of Edge Research. The process is uniform and consistent, compensation is competitive, and the onboarding process is thorough, all of which helps with employee retention. The team of qualitative and quantitative research experts at Edge Research go beyond traditional research methodologies, and this is the company’s unique selling point. It is innovative, collaborative and passionate about using data to improve lives and help its clients succeed. Edge Research uses humancentred approaches and behavioural science to put people at the very middle of its market and developmental research. Its top-quality coverage and data assurance processes make it the go-to partner for international market research. It also has a network of over 1500 trained interviewers in over 20 countries in Africa, giving it the ability to conduct research in multiple languages. Furthermore, it employs cutting edge technologies, and is able to adapt to clients’ needs by customizing its offering, and producing answers for clients no matter what the question is. Edge Research is currently working on a necessary expansion of its workforce to contend with increased coverage and clientele. It also has future plans to establish new partnerships. The company works sustainably, donating up to 15% of its revenue to charitable causes targeted at inner-city children, the sick, and vulnerable. It also offers benefits including healthcare and paid maternal leave to support its employees and their families. This has resulted in increased visibility for the company, and has helped spur dedication amongst its employees. Edge research has now been recognised as the Most Innovative Data Collection Company 2023 in the African Excellence Awards. This prestigious title is a strong indication of the extent Edge Research’s implementation of market and social research is reaching. It truly is a company flourishing in the fast-moving world of data and consumer research. Company: Edge Research Services Web Address: Contact Name: Taiye Arimoro