African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 26 Built Environment Consultants of the Year 2023 - Sub-Saharan Africa Innovation is always essential when owning and running a business. However, Nuvo Consulting exemplifies this ethos better than other built environment consultant within the region. By prioritising accuracy, attention to detail, and persistence throughout its practises, it’s managed to continuously accompany projects from beginning to end without a hitch. Join us as we explore how Nuvo Consulting utilises its mastery of innovation to achieve excellence time and time again. Since its inception, Nuvo Consulting has been providing tailored services that are specifically designed around the needs of its clients. By assisting in project and programme management, construction management, cost management, and turnkey projects, Nuvo Consulting are able to oversee each process from its inception to its completion, and does so whilst adhering to one simple question – what does the client want to say with this project? It is this quality that makes Nuvo Consulting unlike any other built environment firm within South Africa. It takes a step back to analyse, not just what the client wants, but what they are seeking to express through the project. Only once the team has garnered a resolute understanding of this end goal, are they able to curate a project plan that’s wholly centered around the desired outcome. As a result, each and every project within Nuvo Consulting’s portfolio is distinct from one another. No two businesses are the same, and, as such, Nuvo Consulting applies a bespoke approach towards the projects it oversees. By providing consulting services that aim to deliver measurable results, all whilst having a positive impact on both the client’s business and the surrounding locale, Nuvo Consulting has made a name for itself within The South African construction industry. It has long since identified the need for nuance and innovation throughout the field, and has tirelessly worked towards being at the forefront of change for its clients. The well-being of their business is Nuvo Consulting’s top priority; an aspect that truly shines through their portfolio of incredible projects. As for the team itself, Nuvo Consulting is comprised of professional individuals with unrivalled levels of expertise within their field. This further allows Nuvo Consulting to pursue greatness in unique ways, and it’s all thanks to the diversity of talent that’s captured through its staff. With such a wealth of creative individuals on hand to develop projects that are geared towards a business’s success, it’s little wonder that Nuvo Consulting is consistently adapting and innovating to safeguard its leading status. Nuvo Consulting places its focus on balance. Its air-tight team synergises perfectly with its clients, which, in turn, leads to the completion of projects that don’t just fit the brief, but exceed the client’s expectations. Not only does it deliver on its promise of imagination and innovation, but Nuvo Consulting prioritises the security of its clients. It recognises the investment that goes into a large and demanding project, and sees it as its responsibility to guarantee returns for those who place their faith in it as a built environment consultancy. We think it’s safe to say that this latest award title speaks for itself on whether or not Nuvo Consulting has been successful in accomplishing its goals thus far. Quality and innovation come together in a brilliant blend that’s not once failed to impress clients throughout the region. Nuvo Consulting has a wholeheartedly thoughtful approach to every project it oversees, and will never hesitate to lend its creativity to the needs of its clients. Nuvo Consulting has proven its commitment to greatness, and we’re eager to watch it flourish in the coming future. Contact: Cathleen Bayne Company: Nuvo Consulting Web Address: Liberty Head Office, Johannesburg South Africa Cathleen Bayne Managing Director Nuvo Consulting.