African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 Focused on creating value for its customers, SGI Global Capital has devoted itself to developing an array of invaluable services that have become renowned among a myriad of clients. Be it asset management or strategic and financial consulting, SGI Global Capital is equipped to ensure a seamless partnership across many business fields. We dig a little deeper to uncover how it utilises flexibility and industry prowess to make a difference for its clients. olding a particular interest in companies that are geared towards, not only protecting the environment, but improving it through green initiatives, SGI Global Capital specialises in excellence. It acts as a means to present industry innovation in a new light entirely, and does so through its diversification strategy. As a result, it holds a presence in a variety of core businesses, including structuring and arranging market transactions, securitisation of receivables, financial engineering (including structured financing and fund raising), boosting the secondary market, and evaluation and monitoring of structuring projects. But just how does it accomplish these feats? And what makes SGI Global Capital so distinct from other brokerages of the same nature? In terms of boosting the secondary market, SGI Global Capital applies a wholly unique approach in the form of its newest online application, Wallet Directory. Available on Android, IOS, and web applications, Wallet Directory is SGI Global Capital’s response to the need for a bridge between market players. As an application, it manages to unite accessibility and efficiency as a way for traders to better navigate the secondary market through the crucial information that it provides. What makes the Wallet Directory application truly innovative, however, is its overarching commitment to meeting the needs of the sector. SGI Global Capital aspires to be a driving force within the secondary market through digital means, and, as such, created Wallet Directory in the hopes that it would be able to take confident steps towards achieving this goal. The application is designed to make trading easier and more efficient, which is unquestionably demonstrated through its constant information updates concerning the secondary market. Furthermore, SGI Global Capital’s ingenious application manages to accomplish further feats that truly makes it an invaluable asset to any trader. Wallet Directory targets institutions, public and semipublic bodies, banks, insurance companies, private companies, and individuals alike. And, if a user is looking to buy or sell a security, they’ll have access to an intuitive transaction tool that makes the entire process as streamlined as possible. All of this just goes to show that SGI Global Capital has its sights set on innovation, all in the name of assisting clients in more ways than one. When we queried SGI Global Capital on its overarching mission, it had this to say: “SGI Global Capital’s mission is to help revitalize the sub-regional financial market and find alternative financing solutions to meet the growing needs of our companies and governments…”. It expressed its ambition too, explaining how it seeks to establish systemic importance by 2025 at the latest. There’s an undeniable passion that lies behind these statements, and we’re sure that it’s this dedication to the field that has allowed SGI Global Capital to flourish as fervently as it has. It’s clear through the Wallet Directory application that SGI Global Capital is wholeheartedly focused on setting itself apart from other brokerages of a similar nature. There’s a distinct interest in becoming the most technologically innovative company that underpins SGI Global Capital’s practises, resulting in streamlined market operations that are primarily centered around the secondary market space. By incorporating digital assets into its pursuit of greatness, SGI Global Capital has managed to challenge the norm in astonishing ways. However, SGI Global Capital’s unique nature doesn’t end there. Not only does it have a resolute focus on utilising technology in order to forge an easier way for its customers to operate and receive services, but it’s taken the time to recognise its customers and the trust that has been placed in it. This, in turn, has allowed SGI Global Capital to excel in multiple ways, resulting in the beginning of a genuine revolution in finance structuring and investment profitability. SGI Global Capital has 50 years of combined industry experience at its disposal, and it utilises this to craft the best possible outcomes for itself and its clients. Of course, it’s no secret that the financing requirements within Africa are nothing short of mountainous. There’re a plethora of struggles that accompany the region as a whole, but that doesn’t mean that said challenges must develop into roadblocks. Where some may see difficulty, SGI Global Capital sees opportunity, and it’s well equipped to contribute towards the promotion of investments and structuring projects through all new sources of mobilisation. As a result, it’s garnered immense amounts of confidence from the states of Cote d’lvoire and Mali as co-lead managers on bond issue operations. SGI Global Capital recognises the limitless potential in terms of its own development, and its knack for identifying the areas in which it can evolve and further prosper is unrivalled by similar companies within the sector. A day doesn’t go by where SGI Global Capital isn’t looking for new ways to innovate and adapt, culminating in a collective that’s always at the forefront of change before it even occurs. It loves its line of work, and it’s willing to do whatever it takes to position itself among major industry players in the near future. Its ideas have the potential to revolutionise the industry in ways that have yet to be seen. We’re delighted to feature SGI Global Capital in this awards supplement, and we congratulate the team on their hard work and immense dedication. It’s thanks to an unrelenting desire to spreadhead change that SGI Global Capital has managed to go so far, and it’s clear that this is only the beginning for this ambitious collective. H Securities Brokerage of the Year 2023 - West Africa