African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 Best Ice Cream Parlour 2023 - Addis Ababa If there’s one style of dessert that’s incredibly sought after by almost every individual, it’s traditional Italian gelato. Its popularity is unanimous among all ages, and yet it isn’t the easiest delicacy to get a hold of. Luckily, Tutto Gelato has managed to replicate the brilliance first coined by the Italians, and has put its own spin on this world-renowned sweet treat. Below, we explore how it’s created a name for itself as Addis Ababa’s go-to parlour for all things gelato. For the past eight years, Tutto Gelato has been combining natural ingredients with the desire to bring smiles to the faces of its patrons. The result is an ice cream parlour that’s now renowned throughout Ethiopia for its brilliance. Its wide selection of highly creative flavours and jovial atmosphere has allowed Tutto Gelato to spread the taste of traditional Italian gelato throughout the region in new and exciting ways. And, thanks to its vast array of establishments, Tutto Gelato is able to deliver on its promise of irrepressible smiles time and time again. Tutto Gelato embodies the very meaning of togetherness. Through its wide selection of imaginative flavours, it’s capable of offering a choice for anyone, no matter their taste or preference. At its heart, Tutto Gelato is focused on sharing its love and enthusiasm for this delectable dessert, and does so with a smile. Every customer is made to feel as though they’re an extended member of the Tutto Gelato family, resulting in an enjoyable experience in more ways than one. Taste is important, but the smile that patrons leave with is just as significant to the friendly team behind this quaint gelato parlour. Comprised of a team of three, Tutto Gelato manages to uphold an unrivalled sense of quality throughout its services. Whether this shines through the gelato itself, or through the individual interactions that it has with its customers, Tutto Gelato consistently provides a welcoming experience. No matter who you are, you deserve to indulge in the divine taste of ice cream, and Tutto Gelato is at the forefront of delivering delight to each patron above all else. Its love for its work and its customers is showcased throughout the parlour, in both setting an atmosphere, guaranteeing an experience unlike any other. With such a devoted team gently guiding Tutto Gelato forward, it comes as no surprise to learn that each individual is incredibly thankful for the position that the business is in today. It remains humble, despite its success, which is an undeniably invaluable quality that makes Tutto Gelato so special. Its thought process isn’t centered around the money that it’s making, but more so the memories that it’s able to play a part in creating. The team at Tutto Gelato recognises that it holds the ability to bring people together from all walks of life, and cherishes this aspect of the business dearly. Tutto Gelato has grown so much in such a short amount of time, and it’s all a result of its unerring devotion to capturing both a sought-after taste and experience. It’s masterfully managed to unify the everpopular traditional Italian delicacy with people who unapologetically love ice cream, all whilst approaching the process in a heartfelt and endearing way. It seems there really isn’t anything that this humble parlour won’t do in order to grant patrons with the chance to enjoy an age-old recipe that’s consistently stood the test of time. Of course, gelato is the showstopper of this enigmatic establishment. But just how does Tutto Gelato constantly replicate, and improve upon, such a world-renowned taste? Well, Tutto Gelato approaches ice cream slightly differently to other ice cream parlours of a similar nature – it has a commitment towards authentic artisanal tastes that manifest through the myriad of flavours it produces. As a result, each serving of gelato is as tantalising as the next, filled to the brim with a rich, creamy indulgence that’s impossible to not enjoy. As expected of a gelato business that’s dedicated to excellence, Tutto Gelato holds itself to an incredibly high standard when it comes to its products’ makeup. It retains a steadfast belief that brilliant flavours are only made possible through 100% natural ingredients, and goes out of its way to source only the best of the best. This, partnered with a resolve to keep its products free from preservatives, artificial colourings, or hydrogenised fats, encapsulates everything that Tutto Gelato stands for. Brilliant flavours, forged from only the most natural ingredients and processes. No doubt, this all-natural makeup will shine through a customer’s first mouthful of gelato. The lack of preservatives serves to concoct a taste unlike any other, and will leave patrons wondering how such a fantastic flavour can come from such a simple dessert. The answer is obvious – it’s all a byproduct of Tutto Gelato’s love for the field. It takes immense pleasure in providing a multitude of gelato flavours to people of all ages throughout Ethiopia, and has consistently raised the bar when it comes to what customers should expect from an ice cream parlour. “A scoop of gelato won’t change the world, but how we make it might!”. This ethos, provided by Tutto Gelato itself, represents everything that the business as worked hard to create. It’s making a difference in ways that other ice cream parlours simply aren’t, which doesn’t just manifest in the gelato it serves to its customers. When entering a Tutto Gelato establishment, you aren’t just coming for the ice cream – you’re coming for the love, smiles, and togetherness that Tutto Gelato truly believes in. Tutto Gelato demonstrates what it means to grow a business in the best way possible. Despite its young age, it’s managed to make its mark on the region, and with such a devout devotion to quality, it’s abundantly clear how this came to be. Now an awardwinning establishment, Tutto Gelato exemplifies what gelato should be – 100% natural, with a knack for encouraging countless smiles across generations. We’re beyond proud to award Tutto Gelato with the title of Best Ice Cream Parlour 2023 - Addis Ababa. No gelato parlour is more deserving of the love and praise that it’s receiving, and we simply can’t wait to see how it’ll continue to grow. Contact: Seifegabriel Seyoum Awoke Company: Tutto Gelato Web Address: tuttogelatoaddis