African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 The Beautez Group provides an extensive range of pharmaceutical, beauty, and cosmeceutical products and services. It focuses on major medical conditions from a pharmaceutical level, and provides a huge spectrum of supplements such as pre-natal vitamins and weight loss management products. eautez provides a wide range of skincare solutions, nail care, make-up, fragrances, deodorants, toiletries, and other healthcare essentials. It also accelerates its business model beyond the major global beauty sectors to provide services that concentrate on bringing pharmaceutical expertise to common medical conditions, supplying medical grade supplements in areas such as weight loss products. It is also a provider of high quality prenatal vitamins, vital for expectant mothers. Its specialised approach to beauty and healthcare is something of a fascinating concept, distinguishing the practice as one of the most modern healthcare pharmacies and beauty stores in the entire Kingdom of Lesotho. The values that the Beautez company prioritises in its day-to-day business operations are integrity, innovation, customer care, and collaboration. It prioritises integrity through valuing honesty, good ethics and transparency in its work, and ensuring that its actions always line up with the values it upholds. This means it adheres to a moral high ground when it comes to ethical standards, which it thinks is evident in its interactions with customers, employees, and stakeholders. Integrity also forms the very backbone of its decisionmaking processes. With innovation, Beautez strives to be at the very forefront of the healthcare industry in its region. It encourages creative thinking, and fosters a culture that prizes experimentation, whilst also investing in research and development. This value is evident in Beautez’s commitment to continuous improvement, its regular introduction of new products and services, and its exploration of emerging technologies. Beautez’s excellent customer care is clear from the customer-centric approach it takes to business. It prioritises delivering value and exceptional experiences to customers, and concentrates on being able to fully understand their needs, preferences, and feedback. It strives to exceed expectations, which it thinks is notable through its top-notch customer services, personalised marketing strategies, and the way it uses customer insights to enhance products and services. Beautez has also pinpointed collaboration as being of great importance to its business values. This is because it greatly values teamwork, cooperation, and open communication. It fosters an inclusive work environment where its employees feel at home to share ideas, knowledge, and expertise. It also seeks to foster collaboration further through the use of cross-functional company projects, team-building activities, and the use of collaborative tools and platforms. Beautez’s importance as an employer in the Lesotho region cannot be understated. It is growing the industry further with the launch of several new retail pharmacy stores, thus positively contributing towards the combat of unemployment in the region. It also brings a valuable awareness of fully-fledged, professionally run healthcare services to the public. This chimes perfectly with the company mission to provide compassionate, patient-centred health care of the very highest quality. Beautez promotes wellness, and empowers individuals, whilst improving the health and well-being of the entire communities it serves. It is dedicated to delivering exceptional healthcare experiences, fostering a culture of excellence, and advocating for equitable access to comprehensive and innovative healthcare services. Beautez believes that it is through collaboration, education, and commitment to continuous improvement that it can stand alongside its patients as a trusted partner on their journey towards optimal health and a better quality of life. It knows that the African nation, who make up 16% of the world population, carries 23% of the global disease burden. As much as it possibly can, Beautez wants to be a positive force in remedying this predicament. To do this, it encourages teamwork amongst health care professionals and departments. Open communication, mutual respect, and shared decision-making is absolutely vital when it comes to promoting better comprehensive patient care. Beautez provides continuous learning and professional development to its people, emphasizing the importance of professional growth for all staff members. There are opportunities for training, education, and skills development on offer, to ensure all employees stay up to date with best practice, and the latest medical advancements. Because it is a patient-centred works environment, the needs, preferences, and values of its patients are always prioritised. This means that all staff at Beautez are encouraged to be empathetic, compassionate, and deliver personal care in a committed manner that respects patient autonomy and dignity. The company sets high standards for quality and excellence in all aspects of care, adheres to clinical guidelines, and employs evidence-based practices. It both recognizes and rewards exceptional performance and outcomes, helping to foster a culture of excellence. The strong clinical and ethical framework Beautez operates from ensures its ethical conduct and integrity is always at the forefront of everything it does. It constantly adheres to professional codes of ethics, patient confidentiality, and displays transparency in its decision-making processes. All staff are subject to comprehensive orientation and training, provided through onboarding programmes that allow new employees to immerse themselves in the company’s values, policies, and procedures. Ongoing training is in place to further enhance their skills, and develop their knowledge. Beautez feels that it B International Public Health Research & Development Organization of the Year 2023