African Excellence Awards 2023

13 Best Influencer Marketing Company 2023 - Angola At Authentic AO, all employees are fully committed to completing all of their assigned tasks to a high standard in order to contribute towards the company’s achievement of its mission. To further enhance its services, the firm aims to motivate and encourage constant creativity amongst its team. To facilitate this, it organises plenty of team building activities designed to foster collaboration, teamwork, and the sharing of ideas. This also creates an inclusive culture and enables staff to feel a sense of belonging at work. Authentic AO is a brand, and it wants its team to feel like a part of its bigger picture. Many of Authentic AO’s employees approach the company of their own accord or are hired on recommendation. Due to its positive culture, the company has a high rate of talent retention, with many staff members staying in their roles for more than two years. Authentic AO is committed to fulfilling its promises to employees, whether it be financial or social, as well as monitoring and championing their personal growth and development. Importantly, Authentic AO is committed to maintaining its social conscience regarding projects that contribute towards the development of the country it operates within. In 2023, Authentic AO is focusing on its social responsibility to help the National Police of Angola to provide civic education to the population despite the problems they encounter as they work to promote security and public order. Next year, the company will choose another area of social responsibility to support. As a result of its continued excellence, Authentic AO has been awarded Best Influencer Marketing Company, Angola, in the African Excellence Awards 2023. In the coming year, Authentic AO aims to continue to consolidate its activity in the market and reach the various goals it has set for itself. It also has imminent plans to expand its team, which will make it a workforce of 20 employees. Authentic AO works tirelessly to achieve its vision for the future. It is always looking for new opportunities to showcase its capacity for innovation and its ability to deliver on its promises, always adding value to customers. We congratulate Authentic AO on its success in the African Excellence Awards 2023 and look forward to seeing how its plans will unfold in the years to come. Contact: Lay Van Dúnem Company: ACCP AUTHENTIC LDA Web Address: