African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 As the most dynamic digitalisation continent, Africa hosts an abundance of potential for businesses and companies to flourish. However, trying to navigate such levels of development can feel like a monumental task without the correct experts backing you. In response to these challenges, Adhoc came to be – an agency that guides all manner of businesses in their digital business transformation. Join us as we explore how. stablished in 2011 as an integrated agency within its media company, La Nouvelle Tribune, Adhoc has since been delivering comprehensive digital transformation services to a wide variety of clients. Its inception began as the cyberspace was just starting to find its feet, granting Adhoc with the unique opportunity to grow alongside this budding medium. It’s spent the past twelve years mastering its craft – something that truly shines through the work that it carries out. By combining its ability to understand its clients’ strategic challenges with its concrete foundations and prowess in matching the rapid pace of the digital sphere’s evolution, Adhoc manages to deliver unwavering support throughout the entire digitalisation process. However, this isn’t Adhoc’s only distinctive feature. Not only is it capable of providing comprehensive support at every turn, but it offers an unparalleled level of media transparency. It’s no secret that, as the online space has developed, media investments on online platforms have become unarguably imperative for conversion and impact. In response, Adhoc ensures that it adherers to a strictly transparent model for investments. As a result, clients are able to venture alongside Adhoc with absolute trust that their best interests are in mind at all times. This honest nature is clearly represeted through Adhoc’s core values. It prioritises intellectual honesty and transparency above all else, and recognises that only through these virtues can clients full place their faith in a company. As such, Adhoc crafts the foundations for the relationships that it forms with its clients around these values, all to ensure a collaborative effort that’s both professional and enjoyable. Adhoc embraces the needs of its clients without question, applying its efficient and flexible nature in order to benefit its client relationships in the best ways possible. Although the COVID-19 Pandemic may have served as a daunting roadblock for a multitude of companies, Adhoc was fortunate enough to utilise the boom in online usage in order to craft new and effective means to develop its services. With more and more consumers and companies alike being introduced to the capabilities of the digital sphere, there came a myriad of clients looking to completely digitise their processes. Adhoc has an unmatched prowess in digital transformation that’s enabled it to guide a vast array of companies throughout their digital switch. Though this influx of online transformations has resulted in an assortment of challenges for those who aren’t as adept with the platforms to which they’re migrating, Adhoc has strengthened its resolve and improved upon its already sound services. Ranging from logistics and maintaining online catalogue troubles, to digital communication and profit-focused investments worries, clients have a dire need for somebody who understands the industry inside and out. Thankfully, through extensive research and a wealth of expertise, Adhoc has acted as this guiding light, and continues to support its partners through each trial or tribulation. As a result, Adhoc has played a crucial role in, not only assisting digital transformation on a monumental scale, but creating value in Morocco and across Africa. These regions have unique market characteristics that could potentially expose them to an array of excess difficulties, which is why Adhoc has devoted itself so wholeheartedly to ensuring the smoothest transition possible. It seeks to support growth, all whilst increasing digital investments – a quality that exemplifies the passion that it holds for increasing the value of its regions. At its core, Adhoc has equipped itself with the tools to help its clients excel through its own digital expertise. Its work strongly aligns with Africa’s constant development within the digital sphere, and it’s this rapid acceleration that has granted Adhoc with the chance to prove again and again that it’s beyond capable of adapting to emerging trends and changes. As a result, it has a more resound understanding of how to help its clients grow at exponential rates. As a family founded company, Adhoc is in a unique position in terms of growth and development within its internal culture. It hosts an incredible sense of togetherness through its work environment, which encourages staff members to flourish and thrive alongside the company. Every individual places a crucial role in the success of the agency, regardless of the challenges that they may face. This all culminates in an inviting atmosphere that fosters nothing but brilliance. Staff are selected based on their values, allowing Adhoc to retain a throughline of excellence, all whilst uplifting its core values through the people it surrounds itself with. Transparency and flexibility is at the heart of everything Adhoc does. As a means to operate effectively within its field of expertise, these qualities are essential, and Adhoc promotes them on a daily basis. There isn’t a task it isn’t ready to tackle as a result of its steadfast beliefs, resulting in services that are both invaluable and filled to the brim with expertise. Adhoc has raised the bar when it comes to digitisation agencies, putting it leagues ahead of the competition. We’re sure that, as the cyber sphere continues to thrive, so too will Adhoc as a collective. We’re delighted to feature Adhoc in this awards supplement. Its unwavering dedication to honing its craft and granting support to companies in need is truly admirable. No matter the challenges it faces, Adhoc overcomes them with unquestionable flair. No roadblock E Most Innovative Advertising & Communications Agency 2023 - Casablanca