South East Asia Business Awards 2019

7 APAC / 2019 South East Asia Business Awards Best Full-Service Branding Solutions Provider 2018 g Highland Residences, composed of 38 high-rise residential towers that will offer panoramic views of its surrounding areas, as well as a secured home in the city. Lastly, it will boast The Chartered Club, an exclusive sports club with world-class recreational amenities to be enjoyed by residents upon exclusive membership. The coming years will be devoted to this exciting development, with Empire East set to announce further projects and invigorating projects over the coming months to drive it to even greater success and national renown. Ultimately, Empire East’s vision of providing quality homes through developing innovations that offer premium, yet affordable, living makes it irresistible to the Filipino homeowners, and this will drive the firm to even greater recognition and achievement throughout the coming years. Company: Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. Contact: Jacinth Camille Ferriol Website: