South East Asia Business Awards 2019

10 APAC / 2019 South East Asia Business Awards which aims to understand how people see, feel and interact with products and designs. From there, the team is able to create a new branding approach that effectively engages with the clients’ target market and which propels the clients’ products ahead of their competitors’. To ensure end print quality is achieved as expected, the firm works with an Australian based service provider. This collaborator specialises in colour management, and as such are able to ensure that every packaging design is adjusted, managed and corrected during the colour management process to fit all the different variations of print methods and profiles before the commercial print starts. BrandCare takes every step into account, and as a result every aspect of the process is always completed to the highest possible standards, ensuring quality for all clients. One of the key challenges that the firm has seen since its inception has been scepticism from brand owners, who are often reluctant to make the changes needed to stay ahead of the competition and to showcase their products to the multicultural market they are now operating in. As a result, the team at BrandCare has become adept over the years at working closely with clients to showcase the benefits of taking risks and creating innovative branding which stands out from the crowd. This collaborative approach extends not just to clients and industry peers, but also to BrandCare’s staff. Internally, the firm has a supportive culture that ensures every member of the team is able to utilise their full potential on every project. The firm is constantly encouraging staff to enhance their skillsets, and as a result clients benefit from cutting-edge support and service that is ahead of emerging market developments. Ultimately, BrandCare’s future aim is to become the best packaging design company across Southeast Asia by 2020. This will drive the firm’s ongoing focus as it seeks to undertake even more exciting projects throughout 2019 and further into the future. As new companies move into the South East Asian business market with new products and foodstuffs, BrandCare hopes to be able to produce cutting- edge, innovative solutions for them and tap into new markets.