Singapore Business Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Singapore Business Awards 2024 | 35 Established in the hope of providing customers access to coveted cycling gear from across the globe, JanjiRide has quickly become the go-to eTailer for any enthusiast looking to get their hands on the very best of bicycle brands. Be it apparel, components, bikes, or repair services, the company promises to combine its love for cycling with its passion for retail to empower the riding experience of both its clientele and the community at large. Join us as we delve into how JanjiRide has introduced some of the world’s greatest cycling products to fellow enthusiasts across South East Asia. Founded in July of 2021, where more people than ever before were taking part in outdoor activities following the COVID-19 pandemic, JanjiRide is a collective comprised of bike enthusiasts who sought to ensure that new and old riders alike had access to the best brands on the market. Though it may have initially begun as an MTB apparel online store, JanjiRide now prides itself on being a fully fledged bicycle retail business – one that even has its own store in the heart of Clementi, Singapore. Whether customers are looking to equip themselves with the perfect gear for their cycling endeavours, or are in need of essential build and repair services, JanjiRide expresses an uncontested eagerness to become a part of their journey. Sporting a variety of worldrenowned brands and a catalogue simply brimming with selection, JanjiRide grants individuals an insight into the world of cycling that hasn’t been replicated by any other eTailer of a similar nature. It’s clear from one glance at its website that JanjiRide lives and breathes its passion, and has therefore gone out of its way to develop a stylish means for customers to access all of their most sought-after gear. Complete with various wheels and tyres, tools, components, bicycles, accessories, and apparel from the industry’s most popular brands, its catalogue promises something for anyone looking to enhance their health-driven hobby. Additionally, as previously mentioned, JanjiRide offers a bicycle build and repair service. Driven by the desire to make the road to becoming a cyclist as straightforward as possible, the collective provides individuals with access to services that are carried about by certified bike mechanics. For an affordable fee, customers can either request that their precious pieces of kit are regularly checked over for any needed touch ups, or even provide JanjiRide with pre-purchased parts that need assembling. Perfect for avid cyclists and newcomers alike, these services remove the strain of having to maintain your bike all by yourself, and instead replace it with an accessible and streamlined means of getting back to what cyclists do best. Though it may not have started as an allencompassing platform for cyclists to turn to when in need of high quality gear and services, JanjiRide now stands as the best possible eTailer for any bike-centric requirement. Its team adores the work it does, granting it the unique opportunity to interact with customers in friendly, yet professional ways. In doing so, it’s amassed quite the reputation among the biking enthusiasts of South East Asia, with its own little community reflecting the boundless love that JanjiRide has poured into its business. The Singapore Business Awards is APAC Insider’s way of showcasing those who are transcending the traditional in order to bring new services to South East Asia. No better is this exemplified than through the work JanjiRide tirelessly strives to carry out each and every day. Not only has it demonstrated immense levels of commitment to its craft, but it has gone the extra mile to develop a means for others to share in its love for all things cycling. It’s for this very reason that we’re delighted to shed some like on this awardwinning eTailer, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for it. Contact: Hafizah Ahmad Company: JanjiRide.SG Web Address: Best Cycling Accessories eTailer 2024 Jan24438