Singapore Business Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Singapore Business Awards 2024 | 32 When Pacific Prime group was founded by Neil Raymond almost 25 years ago in 2000, it represented the perfect synergy between insurance and technology. Bringing together over two decades of international health insurance expertise with the innovation of flexible benefits up-and-comer CXA, Pacific Prime sat atop this combined force. Today, as a multi-award-winning company, Pacific Prime offers tailored benefits programs, cutting-edge benefits management and customization platforms, and bespoke international health insurance plans for its clients in Singapore and the rest of the world. By placing the unique needs of clients at the forefront of everything that it does, Pacific Prime CXA offers an unrivalled customer experience, bolstered by its use of state-of-the-art technologies, decades of useful knowledge, and an outstanding suite of services. It is the company’s overarching aim to provide all of its clients with straightforward healthcare access while abroad, something it achieves by meticulously guiding them through every stage of what can be a complicated and overwhelming process. In simplifying insurance, this business empowers those it works with to live their international lives without fear, sound in the knowledge that any and all medical needs are secure, and their finances totally protected. As proof of this, Pacific Prime CXA is today entrusted with more than $750 million (USD) in client premiums, with this figure also including employee benefits programmes for clients from Fortune 500 companies through to individual expatriates, again across the globe. Through this figure alone, it is clear to see that the firm is one of the most reliable and trustworthy insurance brokers in Asia. More than just its client portfolio, the company is distinguished through its leveraging of a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide its clients through the realm of insurance with nothing less than pinpoint accuracy. Collaborations with insurance companies on every corner of the world map highlight an unwavering dedication to providing service of the highest calibre, upholding any requirements and requests, no matter how unique, and affording the right coverage for that person, regardless of the complexity of their medical conditions or the size of their budget. Should a client need assistance at any time during their policy, Pacific Prime CXA is there with its exemplary post-sales service, which strives to leave no unprocessed claim and no unanswered query. As one can see, strong relationships with clients is key, and this all starts with the company’s team of experts. The business’ staff are its most valuable asset, and it is they who drive these pioneering changes and provide clients with the innovative, personalised insurance solutions that the company is today famed for. More than 1000 staff are employed worldwide in positions ranging from insurance brokers to software developers, with each as dedicated, loyal, and talented as the next. A workforce such as this is integral in today’s current business landscape, where companies in the field are having to tackle a seemingly unending array of issues, from inflation to new legislation and even a high staff turnover. Regarding Singapore specifically, these issues have manifested in the form of increasing healthcare costs, subsequent concerns about the affordability of policies, and the unpredictable nature of premium costs. One positive from these developments has been an increased sense of unity across the landscape, with the future set to hold more partnershipsbetween brokers and insurers, all working towards the common goal of providing the best client service possible. Aside from managing these future developments so as to continue to solidify its frontrunner status, Pacific Prime CXA remains anchored to the present, apparent through the recent release of its flex benefits platform, which has demonstrably increased accessibility to the world of employee benefits administration, filling it with convenience, simplicity, and mobile friendliness, the likes of which have never been seen before. Heena Bose, Deputy CEO of Pacific Prime CXA, tells us, “as it stands, the platform is the fastest benefits platform in Singapore, capable of adjudicating an astonishing 2 million claims per year”, underpinning the company’s commitment to innovation. While this Singapore Business Award may not be the first award won by Pacific Prime CXA, a company that also enjoys such accolades as Bupa’s Outstanding Achievement Award and Allianz’s Top Individual Producer Award, it nevertheless solidifies the tireless efforts of its teams in establishing the business’ presence worldwide, highlighting Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers Limited as the number one choice for Singapore health insurance. Contact: Stephen Ho Company: Pacific Prime CXA Web Address: Best Health Insurance Comparison Platform 2024 - Asia Feb24071