Singapore Business Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Singapore Business Awards 2024 | 29 La Marca International Pte Ltd was established in 2004 as an importer and distributor of some of Germany’s top food and beverage brands, and today stands as Singapore’s biggest German beer importer, as well as specialising in wine, liquor, lemonade, coffee, honey, and marmalades, all in addition to a successful venture with Germany’s largest bread manufacturer. Moreover, the company also boasts its own marine (La Marca Marine), and a restaurant division, Bread Beer & Brez’n, underpinning its wide-ranging distinction in the field on this, its 20th anniversary of operating in the space. General Manager Roger Stadler is on hand for more. Leveraging the core values of quality, integrity, customer focus, sustainability, teamwork, and community engagement for guidance across the decisionmaking process, La Marca International uses only top ingredients, preparation methods, and service standards to distinguish its excellence in the incredibly competitive food and beverage market. Only through consistency and a keen sense of reliability can long-term success be ensured, and this team guarantee that their top priority, customer satisfaction, is adhered to. Another integral part of this company’s success is its exclusive product range, with many of the offerings on sale through La Marca International being unavailable for purchase available anywhere else. Of course, this exclusive range that boasts products from the likes of Tchibo, Veltins, Schneider Weisse, and Radeberger is nothing without the exceptional customer service and competitive pricing to back it up, and La Marca International luckily possesses both of these qualities in abundance. Remaining ahead of industry trends and introducing new, innovative products to the market have also proven key to success, and by sharing the unique stories behind its products, including their origins and production methods, the connection that has been established between brand and consumer is robust and cherished. By importing nothing short of the best brands from the largest suppliers in their respective fields that the famed German manufacturing market has to offer, the company’s offerings are recognised and renowned for striking that perfect balance between quality and value. As Roger tells us, “we have only been able to achieve these partnerships by offering our suppliers a stable and responsive cooperation”, something that starts with the company’s staff and the crucial role that they play in the brand’s success story. From frontline employees through to management, professionalism, friendliness, knowledge, and an attention to detail and quality shine through, contributing to the exemplary working environment fostered. Regardless of rank, due to the array of tasks and functions that have to be carried out, staff must be all-rounders, act independently, and make decisions on the spot when necessary. Thus, collaboration and communication skills have proven instrumental in the formation of an effective workforce, and such skills are prioritised when it comes to matters of recruitment. Other avenues that are explored during the recruitment process include one’s ability to work well under pressure, multi-task, and adapt to the constantly changing circumstances that define the industry. As a result of such consistent shifts, an ability to solve problems quickly, creatively, and with true industry passion is championed across the board. The fortification of such an exemplary, dedicated, and loyal workforce has proven paramount when it comes to La Marca International traversing the challenges that are currently gripping the industry. For example, the fallout from the pandemic continues to highlight the fragility of supply chains, with availability of the products themselves, as well as materials, being hit, something only exacerbated by current conflicts in both the region and on the world stage. When combined with shifts in legislation and regulatory requirements which vary from country to country, Roger explains, “it can be difficult to develop markets for certain products in the region.” With such challenges come opportunities for growth, and these are something that La Marca International Pte Ltd is determined to focus on as it looks towards the future, leveraging its string of partnerships and adopting of the latest technologies to help it achieve these aims. Roger tells us, “as the partner of the largest German bakery with approx. 1.5 billion Euro, we plan to re-shape the frozen bread market in Asia out of Singapore”, with other plans including an expansion of its catering services for corporate events and a renewed focus on its online store. All of this will be worked towards atop of an undercurrent of environmentally friendly practice, with Fairtrade and green label products being selected wherever possible. 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