Singapore Business Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Singapore Business Awards 2024 | 21 Jan24727 Apparel Empire, the largest custom apparel manufacturer in Singapore, is the king of customisation, dedicated to providing end-to-end apparel solutions. Its team of experts are passionate about helping clients build brand authenticity and share their unique story. At Apparel Empire, cultivating brands is at the heart of the business, and the team strives to provide high-quality, customised products to showcase brand’s distinct identity. Recognised in this year’s Singapore Business Awards, Apparel Empire provides one-of-a-kind apparel solutions, designed to reflect clients’ vision and deeply connect with customers. Established in 2014, Apparel Empire has completed over 25,000 projects for MNCs around the world. CEO Frank Yap had previously worked as Director at an apparel manufacturing company, where he ensured smooth operations and maintained business and sales growth. Throughout this experience, Frank observed that the majority of corporate apparel lacked variety and was uninspiring for both employees and customers. From there, he joined forces with industry veteran, Emma Wang and Apparel Empire was born. The manufacturer has remained steadfast in its belief that a company’s best asset is their unique brand identity. Apparel Empire understands the value of building a strong brand identity and the lasting impact this marketing strategy can have on sales and business growth. By becoming instantly recognisable to potential customers, corporations can better connect with their target audiences and achieve longterm success. With its innovative solutions, clients can personalise uniforms, merchandise, and corporate apparel to meet their individual needs. Through skilled craftsmanship and boundless creativity, the team expertly align brand vision with every design element to promote team unity and foster a sense of belonging. Charlene Koh, Facebook’s APAC Communication Design Lead, says, “Your jacket was a huge hit! Every country streamer loved it so much that they wore it immediately once they got it. The quality is superb. Thank you for rushing it for us!” With high level customisation options, Apparel Empire allows clients to choose the perfect fabric, design, and cutting to create a distinctive brand identity. Leveraging the latest garment-related technology, the manufacturer offers over 30 different printing techniques and countless colour and fabric combinations to create its exceptional apparel. By managing many processes in-house, Apparel Empire can guarantee delivery within a reliable 4–6 week timeframe. Vertical integration allows the company to remain in control of its supply chain and integrate sustainable practices into its operations. Apparel Empire strives to be a one-stop solution for customised apparel, priding itself in its highquality and timely delivery. Frank Yap shares, “The companies we work with usually have requirements from their branding, operation and marketing departments and our job is to fulfil all of them. Custom Corporate Apparel has always been high in demand but little in supply. Right now, we are globalising our business and the challenge we are facing is to let customers see the quality in our apparel and how fast we can complete our work.” In the coming year, Apparel Empire will launch its new platform called Design King. The manufacturer has established an extensive network of designers who will create practical and fully customised apparel for companies to choose from. All designs will be vetted by Apparel Empire and align with the business’s vision of brand storytelling. With Design King, Apparel Empire aims to incorporate design culture from different countries and help designers share their work with the world. Apparel Empire has become renowned as the king of customisation, inspiring corporations to invigorate their brand with fresh designs and exciting apparel. Its team is passionate about tailoring every element of apparel to perfectly reflect clients’ unique vision and foster a sense of pride within their teams. Clients can design distinctive uniforms, merchandise, and corporate apparel that embody their brand identity and create strong connections with customers. Apparel Empire believes that brand is a company’s most valuable asset and provides innovative apparel solutions to help organisations tell authentic stories. In recognition of the company’s design expertise and limitless creativity, we have bestowed on Apparel Empire our award for Custom Fashion & Apparel Manufacturers of the Year. Contact: Frank Yap Company: Apparel Empire Pte. Ltd. Web Address: Custom Fashion & Apparel Manufacturers of the Year 2024