Singapore Business Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Singapore Business Awards 2024 | 16 Vivo Kinetics Pte Ltd, also known as Vivo Kids, promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for children by running a series of camps, events, and programmes that encourage both learning and physical activity in equal measure. With sessions for infants and toddlers, children’s multi-sports programmes and holiday camps, as well as running children’s parties and providing an early years’ sports curriculum, this team serve an array of preschools, schools, childcare centres, and the general public, affording each its quality services, professionalism, and unbridled passion for children and their education. We catch up with Founder and Director Vivian Eng to find out more. Operating a series of sports programmes that revolve around prioritising a child’s needs and development as their interests evolve, Vivo Kinetics puts the children in its care first, ensuring that every participant is involved and resonates with what they are provided. As such, the company’s core values are built around this promise and centre on such elements as innovation, commitment, and accountability. Teamwork is another integral factor in the success of this enterprise, with Vivian explaining, “we cultivate a sense of unity and collaboration, empowering children to thrive both on and off the field.” By emphasising the enjoyment and inclusivity inherent in sport, Vivo Kinetics has forged an atmosphere where, “children develop not only their sports skills but also valuable life lessons that extend far beyond the realms of sports”, as Vivian tells us. Drawing from a wealth of experience and expertise, Vivian and the team incessantly refine their services and prize upskilling, empowering them to remain at the cutting edge of their discipline. Regarding her staff, Vivian explains, “our team fosters a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement, driving our commitment to providing exceptional services.” The role played by the team is instrumental in the business’ distinction, with staff not only acting as ambassadors for the brand, upholding the excellence that has become synonymous with the company, and ensuring compliance and safeguarding are followed to a T, but they are also responsible for contributing towards a positive internal culture based around what Vivian refers to as, “a dynamic fusion of fresh perspectives and seasoned expertise.” She elaborates, “this diverse blend creates an environment of continuous learning, mentorship, and high energy”, with children of all ages thoroughly enjoying and benefiting from sessions. Reinforcing the enjoyment that comes from sport is key for Vivian, who tells us that many parents within Asia believe that a child’s fundamental movement skills come with age and dismiss the necessity of nurturing an environment where such skills can flourish with guidance and support. Vivian expands on this further, “parents/schools still perceive sports as an additional academic discipline, […] [yet] physical education (PE) classes and time allocation are compromised for other academic subjects, resulting in less time dedicated to PE.” By institutions focusing on skill as opposed to enjoyment, many children end up not liking sport, and thus their health, fitness, and other cognitive abilities suffer. However, in the wake of the pandemic, an increasing number of research articles and professionals have highlighted the importance of being fit, healthy, and spending time outdoors with others, leading more people in the area to seek out Vivo Kinetics’ services. This, coupled with further studies that have shown demonstrable links between movement/play and a child’s learning and greater wellbeing, means that Vivian has the uppermost faith in the future of her brand, particularly when it comes to the early years’ curriculum. On the back of these prospective developments, the company’s workforce has more than doubled in the past 12 months, but the bar has remained at the very top when it comes to the calibre of service delivered. In addition to expanding its numbers, the business has too expanded its operations, having set up in Vietnam and already implemented a multi-sport programme that is being used in more than 30 preschools and has been well-received by schools, parents, and children alike. Plans for the rest of 2024 involve Vivo Kinetics Pte Ltd organising the Motor Skill Learning Conference in collaboration with SportSG. Vivian explains, “this event represents a key component of our future initiatives, underscoring our ongoing commitment to community engagement and advancement.” As the business gears towards a future that involves giving back to the community, we invite our readers to check out their awardwinning services, which measurably contribute towards the well-being and development of children. Contact Details Contact: Vivian Eng Company: Vivo Kinetics Pte Ltd Web Address: www. Vivo Kinetics Pte Ltd Jan24387 Recognised Leaders in Children’s Health & Fitness 2024 - South East Asia & Best Children’s Multisport Programme 2024 (South East Asia): Vivo Kids