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Singapore Business Awards 2023 Beez-Fm Pte. Ltd: Most Visionary Facility Management Company 2023

Welcome to the Singapore Business Awards 2023 APAC Insider is proud to announce the much-awaited return of the Singapore Business Awards 2023 for its sixth consecutive year! This awards programme aims to reward a vastly diverse range of hardworking businesses and individuals that strive to help this vibrant city-state’s economy grow. Singapore’s economy has continued to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2022. The city-state’s impressive recovery from the pandemic is outperforming similar economies, with total output exceeding pre-crisis levels last year. Despite the economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore has continued to attract strong foreign direct investment from overseas. Singapore’s largest industry by far is the manufacturing sector, which contributes 20% – 25% of the country’s annual GDP. Key industry clusters in Singapore’s manufacturing include electronics, chemicals, biomedical science, logistics and transport engineering. The financial services industry also has experienced stable growth in the country due to the political stability and probusiness environment. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. beez-fm Pte. Ltd: Most Visionary Facility Management Company 2023 6. Anytime Fitness Asia (Inspire Brands Asia): Best Fitness Franchise Development Organisation 2023 8. Avis Budget Group: Best Car Rental & Leasing Company 2023 10. Nereus Subsea LLC: Best Global Integrated Underwater Solutions Provider 2023 12. Eratech Pte Ltd: Best Spare Parts & Metal Machining Company 2023 13. Adcos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd: Best Leak Sealing and Chemical Grouting Company 2023 14. Umami Meats: Sustainable Seafood Producers of the Year 2023 15. Magnetite Singapore Pte Ltd: Most Transformative Glazing Service Provider 2023 16. Zinus Singapore Pte Ltd: Mattresses eTailer of the Year 2023 17. Origin Sleep Pte Ltd: Best Mattress & Bed Accessories Company 2023 18. Beyond Medical Group Pte Ltd: Best Medical Specialists & Healthcare Management Company 2023 19. Our Parenting World Media: Best Parenting and Lifestyle Digital Media 2023 20. Gift Market Pte Ltd: Most Engaging Corporate Gifting Solutions Provider 2023 21. Princeton Digital Group: Best International Internet Infrastructure Company 2023 22. Better Business Governance APAC Pte Ltd: Best Consultancy & Training Activity Specialists 2023 23. NTT Singapore: Best Global Smart City Solutions Provider - South East Asia 24. Jenny's Piano Lessons: Most Engaging Piano Teacher 2023 25. Benchmark Physio Pte Ltd: Best Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Care Provider 2023 26. ADR Studio PTE LTD: Best Graphic Design & Communications Company 2023 27. Healy Consultants Group PLC: Most Trusted Global Business Formation Consultancy Firm 2023 28. Imperial Law LLC: Best Complex Business Law Firm 2023 Contents

Most Visionary Facility Management Company 2023 As we begin to be more conscious of businesses impact on global warming, beez-fm Pte. Ltd. provides services that reduce your energy bills while positively impacting the planet. We speak to its Founder and CEO, Nicolas Sautter, to find out more about how they are able to accomplish this. The Earth has sent us warning signs to let us know that we need to find alternative ways to do things in order to ensure future generations have a planet to continue to live in and to avoid self-destruction. Governments and customers are urging businesses to do their part in reducing their carbon emissions to reach the country’s net-0. beez-fm Pte. Ltd. presents building management system (BMS) as a service (BaaS) that helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint using technology, smart devices, IoT, cloud, and artificial intelligence. The Founder and CEO, Nicolas Sautter, tells us more, “BaaS is a rent-to-own model for typically two to five years and the results are guaranteed since day one. We help our customers to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Our fees are OPEX only and is based on our results, the energy savings realized, which can go as high as 50%. This gives its clients the opportunity to not only save money but also the planet. beez-fm introduces solutions that include the installation of a new system – or upgrading existing technical solutions that may already be in used. Once the updated BMS is up and running, a building becomes a smart building with different solutions, like smart workspaces, smart toilets, smart hotel room management which are installed on a cloud that is accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers. It is then able to operate and begin its services to take its clients On a journey of a more sustainable way of using energy. Nicolas shares, “Our solution is not a product-focused solution, but a complete approach, which includes the social aspect of a building and the human behaviour within the building.” beez-fm makes this available to businesses as it provides its services to a variety of clients that include owners and tenants for all kinds of buildings, for example, hotels, food and beverage chains, commercial and industrial buildings. Nicolas highlights, “As long as they are keen in saving energy and helping to save the earth while increasing their profitability, we make it happen for them.” “Pioneering a new way of doing business, we are opening the way towards a sustainable economy where companies can be profitable and our planet habitable as well as respected.” The challenge of COVID-19 has brought about a lot of changes for everyone, and beez-fm responded to this well. Nicolas says, “during the last 2 years building usages were totally different from what they usually are, and this obligated us to find a new and innovative way of calculating variable baseline. This new solution became one of our most important IP and strong differentiation factor as it is allowing us to get very precise baseline prediction models and formulas.” Reacting to all kinds of situations, beez-fm is able to adapt to anything. With regards to COP27, global warming, electricity shortage, cost volatility worldwide, the beginning of carbon credits, and the adoption of the ESG notations, Nicolas believes that they are creating major opportunities for beez-fm to thrive. beez-fm ensures its clients are equipped with the necessary skills to manage the products and solutions installed, so they can have peace of mind, no stress, and access to expert solutions. By giving people access to these kinds of solutions, beez-fm promises brighter days. Businesses, and their buildings, can have everything they need to operate smoothly whilst still caring for the environment – which wouldn’t be possible without companies like this. Its flat structure, rather than a hierarchal business structure, allows each team member to make the most out of every day. Their efforts are all greatly appreciated, and diversity, innovation, and suggestions are celebrated at beez-fm. Nicolas adds, “This diversity in the team comes with a great array of ideas and creativity, which is of great importance and the key to our company’s success.” Saving the earth to create a better tomorrow is reflected in the company’s values which are, nature, sustainability and pioneering. beez-fm solutions take into consideration nature and its benefits through protecting and renewing, “by reducing the pollution in buildings, making their energy sources more efficient, increasing indoor air quality, reducing the risks of viruses, as well as renewing nature, by planting trees several times a year with our partners and for our customers”, says Nicolas. beez-fm efforts to find ways to help companies generate profits and growth while de-growing their usage in resources, carbon footprint and overall impact on the planet do not go unseen. It now holds the title for Most Visionary Facility Management Company 2023. We look forward to seeing it continue its mission of leading businesses to a more sustainable way of running their buildings.

Contact: Nicolas Sautter Company: beez-fm Pte. Ltd. Web Address:

Jan22686 Best Fitness Franchise Development Organisation 2023 One of the fastest-growing gym brands in the world, Anytime Fitness is a 24/7 co-ed fitness club franchise that takes the effort out of working out. From humble beginnings, the first ever Anytime Fitness club was opened in Minnesota in 2002 – and by 2010, it had begun its expansion to Asia with the opening of a club in Japan, followed by Singapore in 2013, and Philippines in 2014. Having grown its reach significantly over two decades with gyms now accessible in 32 countries worldwide, we got in touch with CEO of Anytime Fitness Asia, Johannes Raadsma to discover the company’s recipe for success. Ask anyone what the one thing is that stops them from working out and you’ll be met with a plethora of different reasons. But many of them come back to the same central issue – time. Finding time to work out can be impossible. We all know we need to do it, but many of us are overrun with other commitments. And by the time we’re done, the gym is closed. If you haven’t been to the gym for a while, it’s hard to feel confident doing your squats and bench press in front of the prime-time crowd. And what about if you’re away for business or pleasure? You definitely can’t keep up that streak then, can you? The brains behind Anytime Fitness understands those and the host of other reasons we have for not getting in our weekly reps when devising its successful franchise model. The brand’s signature 24hour, keyless-entry gyms give members access to all 5,000+ Anytime Fitness gyms across the globe – all the time. There’s no room for excuses, apart from the ones that are truly valid. Johannes says, “Our clientele consists of anyone wanting to better their health and fitness. Your age doesn’t matter and neither does your gender, your fitness level, your body shape, or your body type. Anybody can become a better version of themselves and everyone is welcome at Anytime Fitness.” The brand mission of Anytime Fitness is to help people thrive through a fit and active lifestyle. Its vision – to improve the selfesteem of the world. It’s not surprising that the core values of the brand centre around better health for everyone. By providing more convenient services and building a strong feeling of community, the brand supports the goals and objectives of its clients. “Our core values also extend to our franchisees,” Johannes tells us. “We provide a proven existing system, an effective framework and strong support so that they can achieve their version of success. We’re setting the standard in the fitness industry for value delivered to both franchisees and gym members.” Of course, when recruiting new talent into the Anytime Fitness family, it’s important that candidates are aligned with the company’s brand values. “To us, a candidate’s values, work ethic, and communication skills are as important as their technical abilities,” explains Johannes. “We look for individuals who are proactive, collaborative, resultsdriven, and have a strong sense of integrity. We’re always on the lookout for individuals who are passionate about learning and growing, both personally and professionally.” The foundations of the Anytime Fitness internal culture are built on not only the brand’s values but the supportive and inclusive environment it promotes. Johannes says, “We encourage open communication. A Jan23387 positive workplace culture not only contributes to employee satisfaction but also drives better business outcomes. Our culture of collaboration and teamwork helps us tackle challenges and achieve our goals as a collective unit. This leads to increased efficiency, innovation, and success.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, the fitness industry as a whole faced one of its biggest challenges to date. The worldwide phenomenon saw Anytime Fitness clubs forced into temporary closure. Membership saw a sharp decline. The brand and its franchisees ‘bit the bullet’ and went all out to reassure club members, providing support wherever and whenever it was needed. As soon as it became clear that the pandemic was set to endure for longer than any of us could have imagined, Anytime Fitness was quick to act. The company launched the Anytime Fitness App. Members gained access to hundreds of workout plans as well as the ability to set goals and monitor progress. “It was a tough time back then,” Johannes says, “but we maintained a positive outlook and overcame it as a community. The pandemic also brought forth new opportunities. The general public became more aware and mindful of their health and that resulted in increased demand for fitness and wellness services. Our brand’s outstanding value proposition and differentiated model places us in a unique position to thrive in this postCOVID-19 world.” Despite still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, Anytime Fitness has seen high growth in

the number of clubs opening in Singapore. Between 2021 and 2022, the brand opened 11 new clubs on the island. This brings the total to more than 80 clubs and sees Anytime Fitness become Singapore’s preferred gym brand. Johannes states, “It was definitely not an easy year but the franchisees and other stakeholders continued their trust in the business and the brand. We’ll take that momentum with us into 2023.” In 2022, the brand found itself finally able to zoom out and look at where the business was moving. That allowed Johannes and the team to plan the most important strategy – the one focusing on its people. Going into 2023, the brand has deepened its subject matter expertise and is gearing up for strong and sustainable growth. It’s predicted that the number of clubs in Singapore will reach 125 by 2025, with clubs in Asia as a whole exceeding the 500 mark. Anytime Fitness is also passionate about community building and giving back. The brand and its franchisees make regular contributions to the community and the environment by volunteering and advocating for what they believe in. There are also plans to elevate the brand by adding more community-based engagement events. Anytime Fitness is also planning to integrate some new technological advancements. Also on the agenda is the addition of more perks to the membership packages for its ‘purple family’ – aptly named to reflect the brand colours. To find out more about becoming an Anytime Fitness member or franchisee, please visit the company website. Contact: Johannes Raadsma Company: Anytime Fitness Asia (Inspire Brands Asia) Web Address:

Best Car Rental & Leasing Company 2023 Following much Covid-related disruption over the last few years, the car rental market is finally strengthening once again as the East begins to open up. We take a closer look at leading car rental company, Avis, as the firm celebrates being recognised in the Singapore Business Awards 2023. Owned by Avis Budget Group, Inc (NASDAQ: CAR), Avis is one of the world's best-known car rental brands. Having a long history of innovation within the car rental industry, Avis is one of the world’s top brands for customer loyalty. Founded in 1946 by Warren Avis (who sold his interest in 1954), Avis was the first company to rent cars from airport locations. The company grew rapidly during the 1950s through franchised and corporateowned expansion. In 1963, Avis introduced the award-winning “We try harder®” campaign and the tagline has evolved into a modern-day slogan as being “Driven by better”. In 1973, Avis launched its innovative “Wizard” system, its proprietary reservation technology. Although this is still very much a core part of the business, Avis has expanded its technological standing to offer services such as eRental Receipt, photos of ones rental car and contactless check-out. These products attest to the company’s stance on innovation and relevance. In 1961, Avis established presence in Singapore and has been the oldest and most experienced car hire provider in the country. Today, the company operates throughout Singapore from three key locations, with counters at both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 at Changi Airport and the downtown. Thus, Avis remains a key provider of car hire services to corporate and leisure travellers looking for a trustworthy car rental partner. Avis Budget Group is an innovative technology-led company and the parent company for multiple car rental brands, with Avis and Budget being the best-known brands. Both Avis and Budget are juxtaposing brands with differentiating brand identities, customers, and marketing. Avis is the company’s premium brand. Its customers are sophisticated, enthusiastic about cars, service-focused, and have high expectations. “They know quality when they see it and are prepared to spend more to get it,” elaborates a spokesperson for the brand. “At Avis, we bring great cars and destinations together, to create better journeys. We strive to deliver premium cars and superior service that is uniquely Avis and achieve this further through services such as our Avis loyalty programme, providing exclusive discounts and rewards for our customers.” Budget clearly is the budget-friendly brand, with customers that are social, savvy, and looking for simple, friendly service. Being more adventurous, these customers look for value for money over everything else. As a premium car rental company in Singapore, the firm prides itself on its exceptional service and commitment to its customers. The company culture is built around the values of Customer-Led, Ownership, Inclusion, Integrity and Innovation; this is what sets it apart from competitors within the rental vehicle industry. “At the heart of our company is a focus on family, where we strive to create a supportive and respectful environment for our employees and customers,” Avis Singapore’s General Manager, Luke Loxton, continues. “Our team is a close-knit group that works together to provide the best possible service, and we value health and wellness for everyone involved. “We believe that every cloud has a silver lining and approach our work with optimism and positivity. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a delightful and stress-free car rental experience, and our team is driven by better to make that happen.” Growth is another key aspect of the company culture at Avis Singapore, and the firm is committed to personal, professional, and profitable growth for both its employees and customers alike. The collaborative team is encouraged to pursue new opportunities for growth and development, and the company offers competitive benefits and rewards to support that growth. Finally, ethics are at the core of Avis Singapore’s company values. The company believes in acting with integrity, trust, and honesty in all of its dealings to ensure that customers can trust that they are getting a fair and transparent rental experience. Other unique selling points that help to distinguish Avis from others include its loyalty programme, Avis Preferred, offering exclusive discounts and other perks. Additionally, it further stands out from competitors with its flexible booking, no deposit policy, and free cancellations. “We understand that traveling can be uncertain and stressful, especially in these times. That is why we want to assure you that we are here to support you every step of the way. We are committed to making your travel experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.” - Luke Loxton. We also aim to support our customers in any way we can during their travels. The team is always available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise, and endeavours to always do its best to accommodate any special requests that customers may have. Staff play a hugely important role in the success of the firm through executing their tasks and responsibilities efficiently to reach the company’s objectives. The station staff are highly trained and live by the company mantra of ‘Driven by Better’. Staff also contribute to the company culture, adapting well to company changes, and work collectively to reach the company goals, with collaboration on tasks and shared communications to inspire and engage all employees. “Qualities we look for when recruiting new talent are knowledgeable in the relevant field, integrity, and ambition,” Luke Loxton says. “Our internal culture celebrates the diversity in our people by spreading awareness of diverse cultures and events, and promoting real stories of our employees. Avis Singapore is inclusive

and constantly strive to bring new social activities and opportunities to our staff.” Following the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been challenges surrounding the reopening of the Chinese tourism market, however this has now started to progress, alleviating a lot of concern. The increased volume may mean that there may be times when Avis’s cars are sold out, or more expensive to rent, particularly in peak periods but you can always rely on Avis to deliver quality service and support. There have also been many challenges surrounding staffing shortage across Singapore generally. With Changi Airport Group looking for around 6,000 staff mid-2022, many companies are still struggling, however the firm is still determined and driven to offer the best service possible. Avis Singapore’s success is still clear to see, and the company recently received the noteworthy achievement of Best Car Rental & Leasing Company 2023 in the Singapore Business Awards. Now, the future is looking promising. Having recently reopened and re-established its operations at the Changi airport terminal 2, as the only premium car rental supplier in Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, following a Covid-related hiatus, Avis is well placed to accommodate ones travelling needs. “We’re currently the only premium car rental company currently operating on airport. With the reopening of operation in terminal 2 in March, Avis Singapore is also located Changi airport terminal 3 and the downtown; our customers have better flexibility on their preferred pick-up locations.” Over the next 12 months, Avis Singapore is also looking to offer out Chinese-inbound clients the opportunity to pay through We-Chat pay, and will be expanding its available payment methods, too. By making it easier to book, pay for and collect your car, we look forward to greeting you with a smile when you next choose Avis. Company: Avis Web Address:

Best Global Integrated Underwater Solutions Provider 2023 Nereus Subsea is an all-round, full-service marine solutions provider with a passion for all things innovative and advanced – at a great price. It is holding the torch, and leading the way, for business to come in future generations as well as motivating the current industry players to be the best that they can be. We dive deeper to get to the core of its operations as it wins a title in the Singapore Business Awards 2023. “Your Performance Is Our Business.” Established in 2019, Nereus Subsea has swiftly become an awardwinning, leading commercial ship hull cleaning, diving company in Asia. With offices in Singapore and Greece, and with 25 permanent staff, Nereus Subsea is a small yet mighty team working in two prime locations in the world. Nereus Subsea is “a frontrunner in the arena od decarbonized marine solutions,” that always strives to offer “top quality marine services to discerning customers, at the most economical and competitive prices.” This dedication towards being cost-effective always takes quality into account, as Nereus Subsea aims to deliver the best services – uncompromised by anything. Its integrated solutions were created in order to save time, money, and effort on its clients’ part. Its vision is to “be the preferred marine support service provider to the maritime industry, ports and terminals operators, shipyards, and to the offshore oil and gas industry.” It is fast fulfilling its mission and consistently working towards impeccable goals, which have directly resulted in its award-winning status. Here at APAC Insider, we are particularly impressed with its perseverance, presence, and devotion to maritime solutions even throughout difficult times – such as the global pandemic. With a mission “to deliver value to customers, stakeholders, and partners by championing safety, reliability, and quality in our services,” Nereus Subsea puts us at the forefront of its work. Whether customers, stakeholders, or partners need a buttress, Nereus Subsea has the support system for them – expertly tailored to each individual and their requirements. The services that Nereus Subsea offers are underwater maintenance; repairs; surveys and inspections; salvages and recoveries; specialist services; fleet performance contracts. It “provides high-quality, result-guaranteed underwater services through our highly trained technical staff. The underwater maintenance at regular intervals ensures the continuous and smooth operation of the ship, saving fuel, increasing its lifespan, saving money, improving ship efficiency, and keeping your ship safe.” Safety and security are very important to Nereus Subsea, as maritime adventures need to be planned and maintained in a professional manner. Anodes will need replacing, hulls need cleaning, propellors need to be polished, and sea chests must be kept up to a high standard so that everything can keep operating smoothly – without any issues or concerns. This gives Nereus Subsea’s customers a huge relief and peace of mind for their daily operations. The equipment that it supplies range from brushes to HPU and consoles, diving hats, underwater drills, and much more. These pieces of equipment can be utilised to maintain a spotless ship or boat, so that safety is guaranteed. Nereus Subsea is ISO 9001 certified, and more than sufficiently experienced in this realm – making it a terrific option for all of our maritime maintenance needs and wishes. Its unparalleled work history has it set to shoot even higher in the industry, as it makes a great impression and carries out every job to the best of its ability. Nereus Subsea’s core values are integrity, social responsibility and mutual respect, health, safety and environment, quality and operational excellence, and, of course, teamwork. Without its team none of this would be possible, and it is extremely proud that its closeknit team perseveres every day, throughout all endeavours, no matter how big or small the job is. Playing an integral part of the maritime industry, Nereus Subsea presents a plethora of services that are carried out by its deeply experienced team of divers. They have a record for zero accidents or harm to people, no damage to the environment or property, and they are absolutely committed to delivering its services in a professional, excellent manner. The industry looks bright with Nereus Subsea leading the way, and it is consistently inventing new ways to help people with specific needs. Not only will Nereus Subsea help a huge amount of people in the future, but it has impacted the industry – inspiring others to innovate their solutions and technologies in order to succeed. Nereus Subsea has now won Best Global Integrated Underwater Solutions Provider 2023, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be able to recognise it for all it does. For the future, Nereus Subsea is due to assist even more people in their maritime journeys, ensuring only the best of the best is offered as a service. Congratulations to the entire team. Contact: Kiranpal Singh Company: Nereus Subsea LLC Web Address:

Eratech Pte Ltd. (EPL) was born in 1983 as Eratech Industrial Engineering (EIE). It was established to be a leader in its industry, and has always focused on precision metal machining, tools and die, jig and fixtures design, and material fabrication. Here we take a closer look as it wins a title in the Singapore Business Awards 2023. Best Spare Parts & Metal Machining Company 2023 “EPL – A SYNONYM FOR EFFICIENCY MACHINING AND PRODUCTION AUTOMATION” Eratech Pte Ltd. (EPL) “is the answer for all your machining needs: including prototype, small lot, and high volume production parts.” It has CNC equipment capable of machining a variety of materials, and a lengthy amount of experience that has guided it to its fine success. Exploring the world of machining and production automation, EPL ensures it is certified ad smoothly operated. Under the International Standard, ISO 9001:2000, since 2000, it utilises its innovative technologies and processes to continually improve overall quality. As a plus, every service is delivered on time, every time, for the best customer experience available in the industry. With a vision come true, EPL has become a leader in this sphere – and we look to it for inspiration. Its enthusiastic team is made up of highly talented individuals ready to revolutionize the industry. They have all been working hard in the company and, with many years of combined experience, they are altering the way we see machining companies. They produce aerospace aviation, semiconductor, optical imaging equipment, and much more – ensuring a myriad of industries get what they need to succeed. “Our mission is to continuously innovate, create, develop, and use state of the art machining facilities, services and technology. So as to provide the best value & quality products & services to our customer.” Dedicated to offering affordable services of the highest quality, EPL commits to every project no matter how big or small it is. It provides high-tech precision machining products for a plethora of industries. Its turnkey solutions ensure customers can conduct projects with Jan23574 no hassle or problems. – for a better, easier, and more sustainable, valuable future. Now, winning Best Spare Parts & Metal Machining Company 2023 is no small feat but Eratech Pre Ltd. has done so with flying colours. Its efforts and technologies have propelled it forwards in the industry. It has done more than develop its own ideas, it has been setting a great example for other business in Singapore and beyond. If you’re looking for a supplier of quality, cost-effective auto or semi-auto machinery then look no further – and visit http:// index.htm today. Contact: Hendry Loo Company: Eratech Pte Ltd. Email: [email protected] Web Address: sg/index.htm

Jan23066 Adcos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Adcos International, based in Belgium. The company specializes in construction chemicals and has extensive experience in serving customers in over 50 countries around the world. Its Managing Director, Daniel Leong, shares insights into the company’s success as it receives the prestigious Singapore Business Award in 2023. “Do It Once, Do It Right!” Adcos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Adcos) was founded in 2019 in Singapore and has quickly established itself as an award-winning business in a niche sector. Managing Director, Daniel Leong, says, “Adcos’s focus on growth and expansion centers on its core business of providing highperformance construction chemicals for a wide range of civil and industrial applications. The company is a leading manufacturer and systemhouse for waterproofing, leak sealing, ground engineering, structure rehabilitation, and steel protection.” Dedicated to each and every customer it works with, Adcos tailors its services to help them maintain their projects with ease. Its chemical solution helps customers to do everything right and do everything once. By ensuring everything is done to a high standard, Adcos has built an excellent reputation amongst its customers. “Customer trust us with their projects, engineering issues, properties so that they can be leak proof permanently and enjoy peace of mind.” Forging relationships based on trust, transparency, and expert skills, Adcos guarantees its products will completely transform and revolutionise the businesses it assists. Daniel tells us, “Our products are based on the closed cell foam technology to provide permanent effectiveness against high water ingress. This is different from most products in the market, which uses water-reactive foams (open cell) as temporary waterstopping measures.” Unlike open-cell solutions, where the foam remains permeable and relies on second pass injections, Adcos’s closed cell technology doesn’t need second pass injections, nor does it have any spontaneous capillary absorption, It is solid and impenetrable, meaning no leakage and better durability for an incredible length of time. “Our portfolio offers a wide range of specialty chemicals designed to solve complex issues such as dampness, heavy water ingress, structure leakage repair, and soil settlement with ultra-fine cavities. While it is challenging to resolve all issues with one product, we provide flexibility, adaptation, and customization to meet the specific needs of every project.” Adcos’s team provides worldclass service and technical support, showcasing their positive attitude, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities on a daily basis. Daniel emphasizes, “Your business is our business. We take ownership of our customers’ business. Therefore, with these qualities, we can go the extra mile for our clients. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for achievement.” Adcos believes that “the sky is the limit, and everything is possible.” The company aims to expand globally to help even more customers worldwide. For now, we celebrate Adcos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd’s win as the Best Leak Sealing and Chemical Grouting Company 2023. We look forward to seeing what Adcos will achieve next as it continues to provide highquality service and products. Contact: Daniel Leong Company: Adcos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Web Address: Best Leak Sealing and Chemical Grouting Company 2023

May22239 Umami Meats produces cultivated seafood which help tackle a variety of issues that we are currently facing due to climate change and overfishing. It provides us with a solution that enables seafood lovers to be able to enjoy their favourite dishes while making a positive impact to our environment. We take a closer look at the company’s approach to making this happen. The beginning of fishing dates back to thousands of years ago, it is something that humans have consumed and enjoyed through many generations. However, as the population increased, the need to fish larger quantities grew, which led to finding alternative ways to fish more efficiently in order to meet demand. It is now our responsibility to undo the damage that began due to trying to keep up with demand. Climate change is threatening our oceans and the fish population, and overfishing creates wider issues that add to the problem. Bottom trawling is a practice that captures species by towing a net along the ocean floor, this leads to bycatch and has a negative effect in the ecosystems – making it less sustainable to maintain current fisheries. There are new techniques being implemented to improve the sustainability of fishing, however there is still a need for new ways of meeting demand that don’t destroy the environment and the species that live in it. Umami Meats believe to have found an alternative that is a lot more sustainable called, cultivated seafood. Cultivated seafood involves taking a fish’s cell line and combining them with a growth serum that help the cells divide and grow at a fast rate in big quantities. The next step is to put the cells into a bioreactor with sugars and salts that they need to grow, enabling to gain a few million cells than then turn into many billions of cells. Finally, the cells can then be harvested and structured into meat which means Umami Meats can produce the edible muscle and fat of the fish without needing to fish for it. This enables to make high-end products like eel, sushi, fish fillets as well as hybrid foods to meet demands of a variety of customers at a range of prices. There is a major challenge faced by cultivated seafood which is where the growth serum is obtained from. Currently, it comes from foetal bovine serum, which is harvested from the blood of foetal calves, it is not only expensive, but it is not sustainable. Growth serum is a vital step in the process of creating cultivated seafood, this is why Umami Meats developed a new way of obtaining a growth serum that supports the growth of cells of fish as well as other animals while avoiding ethical challenges. It uses upcycled legume biomass and other plant-based materials that is able to produce a growth serum which is 100% plant derived. This technique enables Umami Meats to produce species that are not easily farmed, to which there is a high demand for, but are considered to be in danger. Starting with, Japanese eel, yellowfin tuna and red snapper, Umami Meats prides itself on being able to provide its customers with seafood that has the same taste and nutrition as seafood directly obtained from the sea. It has the added positives that its products are free from heavy metals such as mercury, as well as being plastic and antibiotic free. In addition, it provides food security given that they are highly traceable so its clients can know where the seafood comes from and that it is safe to eat. In the future it hopes to be able to grow its expertise and widen the products they make available to the market, for that Umami Meats is currently looking for collaborators and strategic partners to bring cultivated seafood to people all across the globe. Umami Meats tackles a variety of issues that we are currently facing and provides us with a solution that enables seafood lovers to be able to enjoy their favourite dishes, while having a direct positive effect on climate change by reducing the carbon emissions generated by the catch and transportation of fish. Its great effort to making a difference and using technology to create new ways of saving the environment, and its inhabitants, don’t go unrecognised as Umami Meats now holds the title of Sustainable Seafood Producers of the Year 2023. We look forward to seeing it expand globally and make its innovative way of consuming nutritious seafood more available. Contact: Mihir Pershad Company: Umami Meats Web Address: Sustainable Seafood Producers of the Year 2023 Dec22505

Feb22538 Magnetite Singapore manufactures and installs a unique secondary glazing solution that reduces noise and heat that enters through windows and sliding doors. Dubbed “life-changing” by customers, this is the solution for those who cannot stand the noise or the heat, and also can’t change their windows due to building regulations. We got in touch with Business Development Manager, Claire Venter, to learn more about the company and this ground-breaking product. From residential clients in HDBs, BTOs, condominiums, and landed houses, to commercial clients in offices, hotels, meeting rooms, and heritage buildings, many of them cannot change their windows due to building management regulations. Thus, the unique solution of Magnetite couldn’t be more fitting; with no window replacement necessary, it is installed on the interior side of the existing window, and no change to the façade is seen. With Magnetite installed, customers can expect noise reduction of between 50 and 70% and a heat reduction of up to 70%. There is no hacking required and the system is virtually invisible from the outside. Cleaning and maintenance of the window is still possible, too, as it allows access to the existing window due to all panels being attached to the subframe with magnets. Kenneth J Foster, an energy physicist developed Magnetite in conjunction with MIT Innovation Center, having taken inspiration from acrylic windows used on jet planes and the tight magnetic seals of refrigerator doors. These concepts were combined to create the patented Magnetite technology that allows the benefits of double glazing without actually replacing the windows. “We meet so many people on a daily basis who suffer from stress and anxiety caused by noise issues,” says Claire. “One of our clients even told me the Magnetite in his home was “life-changing”.” Originated in North America as well as offered in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Magnetite also became available in Singapore in 2018. Across the board, it is the clients’ trust in the company and its offering that is kept at the heart of everything it does, with this remaining the motivation behind providing the best service and top quality installations. Claire Venter states, “Trust is the basis of all successful businesses and it goes hand in hand with our second core value which is honesty. When we provide advice to our clients about solutions for their noise or heat issues, we are always honest with them about how best we can assist. “We do not ‘hard sell’ our systems for the sake of hitting targets, as this is not how we conduct business. Instead, we give them practical advice relevant to their unique situation. If they are able to replace their window, for example, then we advocate for them to do so.” Then there is the company’s dedication. While its team is dedicated to making a real difference to noise pollution affecting buildings throughout Singapore, they are devoted to providing the best service and results for each and every client, no matter the size of the project. Indeed, without its teams, Magnetite wouldn’t be where it is today, making such a big difference to people’s lives. Claire tells us more about them: “Our team is made up of a diverse group of cultures, backgrounds, and ages. Our differences are what make us so successful in that we all have unique problem solving solutions, which, when combined together makes our team very capable of overcoming challenges. Respect for every team member is always top of the agenda.” Now, with the recent announcement that Singapore has a goal to reach carbon neutral by 2050, Magnetite Singapore is in the best position to assist current buildings in reducing their energy costs and become more energy efficient. As windows are one of the biggest contributors of heat gain in a building – being accountable for up to 87% of heat gain in summer climates – the Magnetite solution improves the entire window performance and turns them into thermally efficient windows. Most Transformative Glazing Service Provider 2023 Jan23166 Not only is this a great opportunity for Magnetite Singapore, but it also has a positive growth plan for the future. We asked Claire to give us an insight into what this entails. “We’re working with many interior designers to add value to their clients’ renovation projects. We’ve also seen an increase in requests for more commercial projects now that most have returned to the workplace. From windows in meeting rooms to beauty salons and even hotels, many are looking for ways to soundproof their windows without the hassle, cost, and lengthy timeline of a rebuild. We’re excited to see what this year brings us.” Company: Magnetite Singapore Pte Ltd Contact: Claire Venter (Business Development Manager) & Carisa Mann (Managing Director) Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Website:

May22239 Less than three years ago, Zinus Inc introduced Zinus Singapore which specialises in mattresses prioritising comfort and reasonable prices. It has grown to be one of the fastest growing mattresses brands in Singapore. We speak to its Country Manager, Marcus Goh, to find out more about the company’s success and its products. The quality of your sleep has an effect on how you show up to the world, so ensuring that you have a mattress of high quality is very important. Zinus Inc was founded in 1979 selling a range of products such as furniture, tents and more. Since 2003, it has focused on indoor products prioritising comfort. Mattresses being its speciality, it provides its global customers with a range of choices to ensure they have a quality night sleep at affordable prices. As little as less than three years ago, Zinus Inc expanded and established a sales subsidiary in Singapore - Zinus Singapore Pte Ltd, to make comfort available for a wider range of customers. Its success in the market is reflected with only less than three years since offering its products in Singapore. Its Country Manager, Marcus Goh, highlights, “We are now one of the fastest growing mattress brands in Singapore and we are one of the top online brands for mattresses in all major online marketplaces.” Reasonable pricing is so important to Zinus that even though raw materials cost rise from year to year, it is dedicated to bringing high quality products to everyone at a fair price to make comfort available to all. To ensure its customers are satisfied, Zinus values its clients’ feedback. It is analysed and processed through a journey the team like to call L.O.V.E, which stands for listen, observe, value, and execute, this means that each review is read through. Whether positive or negative, all feedback is taken into consideration to make improvements and personalise its mattresses to create the best experience possible for its customers. Marcus tells us, “We’re motivated by praise and innovated by critique.” To create the best experience in all aspects, the mattresses are delivered straight to the door of its customers’ homes in a box. To facilitate the process further, it also offers aesthetic, comfy, and easy to assemble bed frames and sofas. “We are here to design tiny reminders that life is good.” Zinus goes an extra mile to create harmony for its customers. Marcus explains, “We infuse them with natural ingredients like green tea, olive oil and charcoal, to eliminate harmful phthalates, chemical flame retardants and formaldehyde. Meaning you can sleep with a peace of mind.” In the future, Zinus Singapore hopes to expand its range of living room products, which include sofas, tables, and other furniture which will give more choices for its customers – for when they are looking to fill their home with comfort and beautiful furniture at a good price. Year upon year, Zinus has shown a dedication to its customers’ comfort and wellbeing through the well thought out products it makes available to purchase. Recently, Zinus Singapore has been recognised in APAC Insider’s Singapore Business Awards 2023 with the title of Mattresses eTailer of the Year 2023. We look forward to seeing it expand and continue to provide comfort to many people across the world with its highquality products. Contact: Marcus Goh Company: Zinus Singapore Pte Ltd Web Address: Mattresses eTailer of the Year 2023

Feb22538 Origin Sleep Pte Ltd is a mattress brand that provides outstanding products to customers from different parts of the world. Trusted by orthopaedics and preferred by Olympic athletes, its mattresses are one of the best in Singapore. We take a closer look at Origin and its products to see what drives its success. You can tell the difference between sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t support your body and one that does. Having the right support for your back, neck, spine, and legs is vital to wake up feeling refreshed and well rested. Therefore, a mattress is an investment that should be chosen wisely. Origin Sleep Pte Ltd is a mattress brand that combines world-class German engineering and sleep tests to create the best products to support its users in the best way. It was founded in 2018 and has since expanded to eight countries across three continents. The team at Origin is made up of hard-working people who take pride in what they do and are dedicated in creating the best products for its customers. As they believe customers are what truly matters most, creating the best experience for them is at the forefront of all decisions that are made when creating each mattress. The feedback it receives is incorporated in the making of new products, this way Origin is able to make improvements that increase the comfort of its users at the highest level possible. The time and dedication put into each product, means that Origin is confident in its quality. It offers customers a 120 Day Trial where it gives them the choice to return and the delivery or returns of its products are free of charge – having the option to change your mind makes the process a lot easier when purchasing from Origin. Its approach is working, and it is reflected in over 50,000 happy customers in Singapore alone. “Olympians love it too.” Keeping away aches and pains is something that Olympic athletes take very seriously. They believe in Origin as its mattresses are not only trusted by orthopaedics, but they are used by other athletes every day – and they swear by the great quality. Three times Australian Olympic finalist and Australian record holder, Genevieve Gregson, shares, “Origin gives me the best sleep. I haven’t found a better mattress yet.” Creating the best mattresses for people all around the world doesn’t come without challenges as people have completely different preferences. It overcomes this by doing in-depth market research to understand common preferences before making its products available. Its products are made for people to use and love for years to come, and its goal to provide it to more countries as they continue to grow through the years. It comes as no surprise that Origin has recently been recognised in APAC Insider’s Singapore Business Awards 2023, and now holds the title of Best Mattress & Bed Accessories Company 2023. We look forward to seeing it expand and grow its business by providing its great products to many more people in a wider range of countries. Company: Origin Sleep Pte Ltd Web Address: Best Mattress & Bed Accessories Company 2023 Jan23288