Singapore Business Awards 2023

the number of clubs opening in Singapore. Between 2021 and 2022, the brand opened 11 new clubs on the island. This brings the total to more than 80 clubs and sees Anytime Fitness become Singapore’s preferred gym brand. Johannes states, “It was definitely not an easy year but the franchisees and other stakeholders continued their trust in the business and the brand. We’ll take that momentum with us into 2023.” In 2022, the brand found itself finally able to zoom out and look at where the business was moving. That allowed Johannes and the team to plan the most important strategy – the one focusing on its people. Going into 2023, the brand has deepened its subject matter expertise and is gearing up for strong and sustainable growth. It’s predicted that the number of clubs in Singapore will reach 125 by 2025, with clubs in Asia as a whole exceeding the 500 mark. Anytime Fitness is also passionate about community building and giving back. The brand and its franchisees make regular contributions to the community and the environment by volunteering and advocating for what they believe in. There are also plans to elevate the brand by adding more community-based engagement events. Anytime Fitness is also planning to integrate some new technological advancements. Also on the agenda is the addition of more perks to the membership packages for its ‘purple family’ – aptly named to reflect the brand colours. To find out more about becoming an Anytime Fitness member or franchisee, please visit the company website. Contact: Johannes Raadsma Company: Anytime Fitness Asia (Inspire Brands Asia) Web Address: