Singapore Business Awards 2023

Jan22686 Best Fitness Franchise Development Organisation 2023 One of the fastest-growing gym brands in the world, Anytime Fitness is a 24/7 co-ed fitness club franchise that takes the effort out of working out. From humble beginnings, the first ever Anytime Fitness club was opened in Minnesota in 2002 – and by 2010, it had begun its expansion to Asia with the opening of a club in Japan, followed by Singapore in 2013, and Philippines in 2014. Having grown its reach significantly over two decades with gyms now accessible in 32 countries worldwide, we got in touch with CEO of Anytime Fitness Asia, Johannes Raadsma to discover the company’s recipe for success. Ask anyone what the one thing is that stops them from working out and you’ll be met with a plethora of different reasons. But many of them come back to the same central issue – time. Finding time to work out can be impossible. We all know we need to do it, but many of us are overrun with other commitments. And by the time we’re done, the gym is closed. If you haven’t been to the gym for a while, it’s hard to feel confident doing your squats and bench press in front of the prime-time crowd. And what about if you’re away for business or pleasure? You definitely can’t keep up that streak then, can you? The brains behind Anytime Fitness understands those and the host of other reasons we have for not getting in our weekly reps when devising its successful franchise model. The brand’s signature 24hour, keyless-entry gyms give members access to all 5,000+ Anytime Fitness gyms across the globe – all the time. There’s no room for excuses, apart from the ones that are truly valid. Johannes says, “Our clientele consists of anyone wanting to better their health and fitness. Your age doesn’t matter and neither does your gender, your fitness level, your body shape, or your body type. Anybody can become a better version of themselves and everyone is welcome at Anytime Fitness.” The brand mission of Anytime Fitness is to help people thrive through a fit and active lifestyle. Its vision – to improve the selfesteem of the world. It’s not surprising that the core values of the brand centre around better health for everyone. By providing more convenient services and building a strong feeling of community, the brand supports the goals and objectives of its clients. “Our core values also extend to our franchisees,” Johannes tells us. “We provide a proven existing system, an effective framework and strong support so that they can achieve their version of success. We’re setting the standard in the fitness industry for value delivered to both franchisees and gym members.” Of course, when recruiting new talent into the Anytime Fitness family, it’s important that candidates are aligned with the company’s brand values. “To us, a candidate’s values, work ethic, and communication skills are as important as their technical abilities,” explains Johannes. “We look for individuals who are proactive, collaborative, resultsdriven, and have a strong sense of integrity. We’re always on the lookout for individuals who are passionate about learning and growing, both personally and professionally.” The foundations of the Anytime Fitness internal culture are built on not only the brand’s values but the supportive and inclusive environment it promotes. Johannes says, “We encourage open communication. A Jan23387 positive workplace culture not only contributes to employee satisfaction but also drives better business outcomes. Our culture of collaboration and teamwork helps us tackle challenges and achieve our goals as a collective unit. This leads to increased efficiency, innovation, and success.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, the fitness industry as a whole faced one of its biggest challenges to date. The worldwide phenomenon saw Anytime Fitness clubs forced into temporary closure. Membership saw a sharp decline. The brand and its franchisees ‘bit the bullet’ and went all out to reassure club members, providing support wherever and whenever it was needed. As soon as it became clear that the pandemic was set to endure for longer than any of us could have imagined, Anytime Fitness was quick to act. The company launched the Anytime Fitness App. Members gained access to hundreds of workout plans as well as the ability to set goals and monitor progress. “It was a tough time back then,” Johannes says, “but we maintained a positive outlook and overcame it as a community. The pandemic also brought forth new opportunities. The general public became more aware and mindful of their health and that resulted in increased demand for fitness and wellness services. Our brand’s outstanding value proposition and differentiated model places us in a unique position to thrive in this postCOVID-19 world.” Despite still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, Anytime Fitness has seen high growth in