Singapore Business Awards 2023

Most Visionary Facility Management Company 2023 As we begin to be more conscious of businesses impact on global warming, beez-fm Pte. Ltd. provides services that reduce your energy bills while positively impacting the planet. We speak to its Founder and CEO, Nicolas Sautter, to find out more about how they are able to accomplish this. The Earth has sent us warning signs to let us know that we need to find alternative ways to do things in order to ensure future generations have a planet to continue to live in and to avoid self-destruction. Governments and customers are urging businesses to do their part in reducing their carbon emissions to reach the country’s net-0. beez-fm Pte. Ltd. presents building management system (BMS) as a service (BaaS) that helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint using technology, smart devices, IoT, cloud, and artificial intelligence. The Founder and CEO, Nicolas Sautter, tells us more, “BaaS is a rent-to-own model for typically two to five years and the results are guaranteed since day one. We help our customers to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Our fees are OPEX only and is based on our results, the energy savings realized, which can go as high as 50%. This gives its clients the opportunity to not only save money but also the planet. beez-fm introduces solutions that include the installation of a new system – or upgrading existing technical solutions that may already be in used. Once the updated BMS is up and running, a building becomes a smart building with different solutions, like smart workspaces, smart toilets, smart hotel room management which are installed on a cloud that is accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers. It is then able to operate and begin its services to take its clients On a journey of a more sustainable way of using energy. Nicolas shares, “Our solution is not a product-focused solution, but a complete approach, which includes the social aspect of a building and the human behaviour within the building.” beez-fm makes this available to businesses as it provides its services to a variety of clients that include owners and tenants for all kinds of buildings, for example, hotels, food and beverage chains, commercial and industrial buildings. Nicolas highlights, “As long as they are keen in saving energy and helping to save the earth while increasing their profitability, we make it happen for them.” “Pioneering a new way of doing business, we are opening the way towards a sustainable economy where companies can be profitable and our planet habitable as well as respected.” The challenge of COVID-19 has brought about a lot of changes for everyone, and beez-fm responded to this well. Nicolas says, “during the last 2 years building usages were totally different from what they usually are, and this obligated us to find a new and innovative way of calculating variable baseline. This new solution became one of our most important IP and strong differentiation factor as it is allowing us to get very precise baseline prediction models and formulas.” Reacting to all kinds of situations, beez-fm is able to adapt to anything. With regards to COP27, global warming, electricity shortage, cost volatility worldwide, the beginning of carbon credits, and the adoption of the ESG notations, Nicolas believes that they are creating major opportunities for beez-fm to thrive. beez-fm ensures its clients are equipped with the necessary skills to manage the products and solutions installed, so they can have peace of mind, no stress, and access to expert solutions. By giving people access to these kinds of solutions, beez-fm promises brighter days. Businesses, and their buildings, can have everything they need to operate smoothly whilst still caring for the environment – which wouldn’t be possible without companies like this. Its flat structure, rather than a hierarchal business structure, allows each team member to make the most out of every day. Their efforts are all greatly appreciated, and diversity, innovation, and suggestions are celebrated at beez-fm. Nicolas adds, “This diversity in the team comes with a great array of ideas and creativity, which is of great importance and the key to our company’s success.” Saving the earth to create a better tomorrow is reflected in the company’s values which are, nature, sustainability and pioneering. beez-fm solutions take into consideration nature and its benefits through protecting and renewing, “by reducing the pollution in buildings, making their energy sources more efficient, increasing indoor air quality, reducing the risks of viruses, as well as renewing nature, by planting trees several times a year with our partners and for our customers”, says Nicolas. beez-fm efforts to find ways to help companies generate profits and growth while de-growing their usage in resources, carbon footprint and overall impact on the planet do not go unseen. It now holds the title for Most Visionary Facility Management Company 2023. We look forward to seeing it continue its mission of leading businesses to a more sustainable way of running their buildings.