Singapore Business Awards 2023

Jan22686 Feb22538 Imperial Law LLC’s managing director, Montague Choy, has been in practice since 2005, and founded the Singapore-headquartered law firm in 2021 to provide a broad range of services to diverse sectors of clients. We take a closer look into the firm’s expertise and visions, following the recent recognition in the Singapore Business Awards 2023 for outstanding service offerings. Running a legal service business comes with many responsibilities and the elements that are essential to meet clients’ expectations can be complicated to navigate. That’s why we seek support and collaboration from clients to help them through the complicated process and direct them towards the best legal solutions. Imperial Law LLC supports businesses through complex legal issues. The law firm tailors services from corporate and commercial law to civil litigation claims, criminal defence, banking and finance law, mergers and acquisitions, technology and IP transactions, and litigation and dispute resolution. The firm’s clients vary from small enterprises to multinational companies, and financial institutions, as well as individuals. The lawyers at Imperial Law have extensive experience within their fields and their aim is to provide clients with outstanding legal advice across multiple industries, while ensuring the quality of the services are of high standard and cost effective. In relation to the industry, the firm is currently going through significant challenges, some of which are pressure to reduce cost and rise in competition from alternative legal service providers. However, Imperial Law sees as an opportunity for growth and innovation; as challenges arise, the only way to overcome them is by looking for solutions and adapting to the changes. Imperial Law has implemented new models for working together with each client to provide optimal, costappropriated legal advice. The firm has transitioned to a project-based approach instead of having standardised legal solution; this shift has meant it can create a stronger legal strategy to better benefit its clients in their long term goal. This has allowed us to venture far and wide across the borders in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom, and more recently the Middle East in Bahrain and Dubai. “We establish a budget. We establish roadmaps. We seek mutual investment and commitment of time, effort, and resources toward a unified goal with our clients.” The team begins by getting to know the client and their unique needs. This is important as it helps them establish the clients’ priorities and create a strategic plan of action to support them towards their goals. Imperial Law is then able to gain insight into its clients over the course of time, which provides it with more information on the needs of the business and how it evolves, enabling it to better understand and support its clients. Having on your side a firm that invest time in your situation and problem solves the challenges faced within its industry means clients are supported to overcome obstacles their businesses may be head to head with. Thus, it comes as no surprise that recently Imperial Law was recognised within the Singapore Business Awards 2023 as Best Complex Business Law Firm 2023. Contact: Montague Choy Company: Imperial Law LLC Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Complex Business Law Firm 2023 Jan23845