Singapore Business Awards 2023

Jan22686 Feb22538 Providing digital marketing solutions, ADR Studio excels in meeting the needs and requirements of its clients with accuracy and empathy. We speak to CEO, Antonio De Rosa to find out more as the company celebrates recognition in the Singapore Business Awards 2023. ADR Studio is a marketing and design consultancyconsisting of a collective of highlevel professionals with core competencies and expertise in several fields. With specific attention given to the areas of information technologies and networking marketing, ADR Studio covers everything regarding design, marketing, communication, and software development. The combined experience of the founder and the core team in those fields exceeds 50 years. ADR Studio follows every process within the project without missing any detail or client desire, recognising the importance of listening, performing thorough background study, and always working with empathy through dynamic interaction. With offices in Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, UK, and Bermuda, the ambitiously expanding company has set its sights on growth and is approaching this through gaining client loyalty, first and foremost. “Our core values revolve around trust, quality, commitment, and hard work,” explains Antonio De Rosa, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. “They are the same values a customer can easily relate with.” The close knit and collaborative team of expert colleagues at ADR Studio come from networking experience which has resulted in the company being extremely well connected with the need to expand networks and sales. This is also reflected in the work the consultancy produces, meaning it is highly empathetic with the customer, to ensure complete client satisfaction each and every time. "Without any of my colleagues, ADR Studio couldn’t exist: they are the spine of our company and project,” Antonio enthuses, speaking of what truly distinguishes ADR Studio from its competitors. “What is important for us is team working and proactive behaviour. Sometimes you need to anticipate the problem and you don’t need to be ashamed to ask for help. Our approach is always as a team, never by an individual.” This refreshing approach has seen the firm gain recognition for its dedication and hard work by being named Best Graphic Design & Communications Company 2023 in the Singapore Business Awards. And Antonio is quick, once again, to attribute the firm’s success to its team. “Similar to our culture ethos of teamwork, the same applies for the recognitions: we win together. We are so grateful for this opportunity!” Now, as Antonio and the team look to a bright new future in this ever-evolving industry, it is imperative to remain focused and to always remain updated and at the forefront of new technologies and emerging trends updated, especially now with WEB3, AR, VR, and the Metaverse on the horizon. “I’d like to be part of a new media communication platform, that for sure will be developed in the next few years with the definitive arrival of the Metaverse technologies,” he finalises. “The challenge is to anticipate the future.” Contact Details Contact: Antonio De Rosa Company: ADR Studio PTE LTD Web Address: Best Graphic Design & Communications Company 2023 Dec22275