Singapore Business Awards 2023

Feb22538 As a leading IT infrastructure and services company, NTT Singapore is an integral part of NTT Data Inc., which is a $30 billion IT services provider. We profile the firm in the wake of it being recognised in the Singapore Business Awards for its technological innovation and sustainable approach. NTT Ltd. is focused on services such as cloud and edge computing, global data centres, Network as a Service, and Private 5G. With these business critical offerings, NTT helps to accelerate a company’s digital transformation and offers greater connectivity. At NTT, the foundation is laid for an organisation’s edge-to-cloud networking ecosystem. The firm simplifies the complexity of its clients’ workloads across multi-cloud environments and innovates at the edge of their IT environments where networks, cloud, and applications converge. Serving 65 percent of Fortune Global 500 companies and more than 75 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies, NTT operates in more than 200 countries and regions, serving 5,000 clients across multiple industries, such as healthcare, education, financial services, and manufacturing, amongst others. It has also been instrumental in revolutionising sports technology and the fan experience. Through innovation, it is transforming some of the world’s most iconic sporting experiences, from the world’s greatest annual sporting event, Tour de France, to Major League Baseball, INDYCAR, and The Open golf championship. “We provide a secure and connected future that empowers our people, clients, and communities through technology and innovation,” explains Png Kim Meng, CEO, ASEAN, NTT Ltd. “We realise this vision through our core values ‘Speed, Execute, and Together’, which underpins the behaviours that we want to see in our organisation.” ‘Speed’ is about being agile and proactive in its actions. ‘Execute’ is about doing things well and delivering the professional quality work for which NTT is renowned. Finally, ‘Together’ underscores the importance of close collaboration between the company, its clients and partners as it sets out to achieve a secure and connected future. “As an organisation we keep evolving, but our values remain the same, which drive us to care for our people, our communities, and use technology effectively for the larger good.” NTT believes that the only sustainable form of differentiation is innovation. The firm’s capabilities are built around the notion of ‘co-innovation’. Leveraging the convergent power of over 30 expert global businesses across various verticals, the organisation works with clients and partners to jointly solve business challenges and invent ground-breaking solutions. It also benefits from 150 years of heritage of using technology for good, and is geared to reaching net zero emissions across our operations by 2030 and across our value chain by 2040. As a global technology services organisation, NTT’s employees continue to play a vital role in the success the firm. After all, it is their expertise, knowledge, capabilities, and adaptability that has catapulted the company to its current leadership position. “We are always on the lookout for employees who are pioneers and can make a difference to the business and society at large,” elaborates Png Kim Meng. “Apart from getting the opportunity to be part of the organisational heritage, employees at NTT also get to develop and grow their skills besides the global opportunities and being purpose-led.” In fact, the company recently launched its latest employee value proposition, “Here You Can” – which is centred around growing and embracing a career within NTT. “At NTT, what our people do, matters. They can make a difference, to the clients, colleagues, and communities, and that contribution is valued. Here they can belong, in an inclusive and diverse working environment where they are free to be their best self.” Recently, as testament to the dedication and hard work of the NTT team, the firm was named in the Singapore Business Awards 2023 as Best Global Smart City Solutions Provider - South East Asia. Now, it seems that the future is bright. As companies continue to invest in their IT capabilities to meet the shifting needs of an increasingly digitalised economy and distributed workforce, NTT is seeing a growing number of clients who are looking towards outsourcing to a single strategic partner for their network. This is in stark contrast to the older practices of having multiple partners for different needs, especially as concerns about running complex, intelligent networks while complying with security and regulatory requirements continue to mount. “A managed service partner like NTT can help these organisations to align their technology and the associated costs with their business requirements. Additionally, it can also help to optimise the company’s network management, security, agility and ongoing evolution that is driven by innovation.” Company: NTT Singapore Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Global Smart City Solutions Provider - South East Asia Dec22367 “Everyone has a vital role to play in empowering organisations’ transformation through the adoption of green technologies, smart solutions, and digitisation to enable a safe and sustainable future.” - Png Kim Meng, CEO, ASEAN, NTT Ltd.