Singapore Business Awards 2023

Mar22270 JMana2r23202790 More than a decade ago, Virginia Goh founded this digital media community, Our Parenting World Media (OPW Media). Initially from a website devoted on sharing parenting, education and lifestyle topics, it has grown to be one of the leading digital media in Singapore focusing on parenting, education, lifestyle, entertainment, dining, style/beauty products, travel, staycations and family events, popular with audiences across Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. We speak with the Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Virginia to find out more. Virginia Goh who is an Accountant with MBA in Finance started her career as an Accountant in a Global ‘Big Four’ Accounting Firm before moving up to Head of Financial Reporting for a Fortune 500 Company and subsequently becoming an Educator, as an Associate Professor at a leading Singapore University. When she was expecting her first son, she decided to set up “Our Parenting World” to share and provide useful information to the community on parenting, education and lifestyle topics. With numerous contributions to parenting magazines and co-writing a book titled ‘Picking the Right Hospital, Right Doctor in Singapore’ with her husband, who is a medical doctor, Virginia was already an expert in the topic of parenting and education. She tells us, “I received invitations to speak at conferences, at expert panels and on television and radio programmes. That sparked my interest, I decided to set up Our Parenting World Media to pursue my passion for sharing on parenting, education and lifestyle topics with others.” Since then, the media team has grown with several like-minded parents and individuals joining the organisation. Virginia’s sons, who are regularly featured in OPW Media’s articles as children, now also help out with the publications. And her husband Victor, a medical doctor, often shares his expert opinion on topics relating to family health in the publications. Virginia says, “We have a friendly and supportive work culture where we leverage each team member’s strengths and core expertise to succeed. Our team excels in a range of disciplines and our culture encourages efficient collaboration that helps us to produce successful digital publications.” On the subject of OPW Media’s mission, Virginia tells us, “As one of the first and most popular digital media platforms covering the parenting, education and lifestyle sectors in Singapore, our mission is to promote positive parenting and strong family bonding. Our parenting and lifestyle articles reflect our honest opinion and assessment of various products, events, and experiences, which our readers appreciate.” As more and more readers engage with the digital platform, the sense of community continues to grow and with it the number and variety of topics that the publication covers. While OPW Media main presence is at the website, it is concurrently present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Virginia says, “Our readers and clients appreciate being able to search through our digital publications across various platforms especially our website. In a nutshell, we make it easy for our readers to find the information that they are looking for using their preferred platform.” OPW media has been named as the official media partner for several high profile events including the National Day Parade and the bi-annual Singapore Air Show. This level of confidence and trust strengthen OPW Media’s reputation in the eyes of their partners and stakeholders. As one of the early trailblazers in the digital media space in Singapore, OPW Media has seen how much the industry has changed. It understands the importance of being able to adapt and change with the times. Virginia says, “The digital media space in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region is increasingly competitive. On one hand, there are newcomers such as individual influencers, and on the other, traditional print media incumbents have been putting more emphasis on the digital media space. Our strength is our ability to publish timely, credible and high-quality articles that are free for our readers to enjoy.” On receiving the award, Virginia tells us, “We’re honoured to receive this award. It is a recognition of our success and we will continue to build stronger partnerships with our clients, and provide platforms offering even more news services to our readers.” Company: Our Parenting World Media (OPW Media) Contact: Virginia Goh Email 1: [email protected] Email 2: [email protected] Web Address: Facebook: our.parentingworld Instagram handle: @opwmedia Best Parenting and Lifestyle Digital Media 2023