Singapore Business Awards 2023

Best Global Integrated Underwater Solutions Provider 2023 Nereus Subsea is an all-round, full-service marine solutions provider with a passion for all things innovative and advanced – at a great price. It is holding the torch, and leading the way, for business to come in future generations as well as motivating the current industry players to be the best that they can be. We dive deeper to get to the core of its operations as it wins a title in the Singapore Business Awards 2023. “Your Performance Is Our Business.” Established in 2019, Nereus Subsea has swiftly become an awardwinning, leading commercial ship hull cleaning, diving company in Asia. With offices in Singapore and Greece, and with 25 permanent staff, Nereus Subsea is a small yet mighty team working in two prime locations in the world. Nereus Subsea is “a frontrunner in the arena od decarbonized marine solutions,” that always strives to offer “top quality marine services to discerning customers, at the most economical and competitive prices.” This dedication towards being cost-effective always takes quality into account, as Nereus Subsea aims to deliver the best services – uncompromised by anything. Its integrated solutions were created in order to save time, money, and effort on its clients’ part. Its vision is to “be the preferred marine support service provider to the maritime industry, ports and terminals operators, shipyards, and to the offshore oil and gas industry.” It is fast fulfilling its mission and consistently working towards impeccable goals, which have directly resulted in its award-winning status. Here at APAC Insider, we are particularly impressed with its perseverance, presence, and devotion to maritime solutions even throughout difficult times – such as the global pandemic. With a mission “to deliver value to customers, stakeholders, and partners by championing safety, reliability, and quality in our services,” Nereus Subsea puts us at the forefront of its work. Whether customers, stakeholders, or partners need a buttress, Nereus Subsea has the support system for them – expertly tailored to each individual and their requirements. The services that Nereus Subsea offers are underwater maintenance; repairs; surveys and inspections; salvages and recoveries; specialist services; fleet performance contracts. It “provides high-quality, result-guaranteed underwater services through our highly trained technical staff. The underwater maintenance at regular intervals ensures the continuous and smooth operation of the ship, saving fuel, increasing its lifespan, saving money, improving ship efficiency, and keeping your ship safe.” Safety and security are very important to Nereus Subsea, as maritime adventures need to be planned and maintained in a professional manner. Anodes will need replacing, hulls need cleaning, propellors need to be polished, and sea chests must be kept up to a high standard so that everything can keep operating smoothly – without any issues or concerns. This gives Nereus Subsea’s customers a huge relief and peace of mind for their daily operations. The equipment that it supplies range from brushes to HPU and consoles, diving hats, underwater drills, and much more. These pieces of equipment can be utilised to maintain a spotless ship or boat, so that safety is guaranteed. Nereus Subsea is ISO 9001 certified, and more than sufficiently experienced in this realm – making it a terrific option for all of our maritime maintenance needs and wishes. Its unparalleled work history has it set to shoot even higher in the industry, as it makes a great impression and carries out every job to the best of its ability. Nereus Subsea’s core values are integrity, social responsibility and mutual respect, health, safety and environment, quality and operational excellence, and, of course, teamwork. Without its team none of this would be possible, and it is extremely proud that its closeknit team perseveres every day, throughout all endeavours, no matter how big or small the job is. Playing an integral part of the maritime industry, Nereus Subsea presents a plethora of services that are carried out by its deeply experienced team of divers. They have a record for zero accidents or harm to people, no damage to the environment or property, and they are absolutely committed to delivering its services in a professional, excellent manner. The industry looks bright with Nereus Subsea leading the way, and it is consistently inventing new ways to help people with specific needs. Not only will Nereus Subsea help a huge amount of people in the future, but it has impacted the industry – inspiring others to innovate their solutions and technologies in order to succeed. Nereus Subsea has now won Best Global Integrated Underwater Solutions Provider 2023, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be able to recognise it for all it does. For the future, Nereus Subsea is due to assist even more people in their maritime journeys, ensuring only the best of the best is offered as a service. Congratulations to the entire team. Contact: Kiranpal Singh Company: Nereus Subsea LLC Web Address: