Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 51 , Recently having celebrated its 10th anniversary, Traveloka has reached another significant milestone as the Best Technology Transportation Platformof the year. The company was initially launched as ametasearch engine to solve a central problem – to simplify travel from Indonesia to the world, and now it has transformed into ‘Southeast Asia’s lifestyle superapp’. In 2012, Ferry Unardi and Albert, engineering students who went to university abroad, had difficulties with finding and purchasing flights back to their home country, Indonesia. Instead of looking at the challenges as a hardship, they saw an opportunity and started to develop a metasearch engine that compared flight schedules and prices. That’s how Traveloka was born. Traveloka then had less than 10 employees working from an apartment unit, hoping that their creation would help other people in the same situation. Fast forward to the present day, the company has transformed to become Southeast Asia’s lifestyle superapp with over 2,000 employees, more than 40 million monthly active users, as well as over 20 product offerings. The company has also marked its presence in six countries across the Southeast Asia region, including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Traveloka’s Chief Operating Officer, Alfan Hendro, explains, “Our category leadership and strength in travel, provided a launchpad to expand and diversify our ecosystem to address new gaps we’ve uncovered in the consumer journey, from facilitating online transactions seamlessly, to providing mobile services and beyond.” Traveloka has now transformed into a versatile lifestyle superapp that combines travel, local Best Technology Transportation Platform of the Year 2022 services, and financial services on one platform. “As a technology company with a presence in six different countries, our broad portfolio of products and services are underpinned by our cutting edge technology, from AI recommendations to our personalized chatbot and in house credit risk model. We have built a suite of innovative products and services using our strong technical and data analytics capabilities, to provide one of the most comprehensive, seamless, and personalized user experiences in the industry. This is also powered by our strong network of trusted partnerships with millions of lifestyle providers”, he adds. With reference to the company’s growth and expansion plans, Hendro explains, “While we have grown massively over the past decade, our main focus remains the same - to prioritize the needs of our consumers, partners, and stakeholders. Our products and innovations are created with one objective in mind, to simplify the process and provide comfort, as well as safety for our consumers who use the Traveloka superapp, while also contributing positively to the economic development of the countries we operate in.” The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted businesses, especially within the travel and tourism industry, including Traveloka. However, Traveloka did not stand still, we continued to innovate and expand into adjacent services to keep up with evolving lifestyle aspirations. Hendro elaborated further by stating, “We leverage technology as our DNA to keep innovating and delivering our promise as a lifestyle superapp. We also strengthened our collaboration with stakeholders, working handin-hand with various partners to contribute positively to the industry. We had to find new ways to serve our customers’ needs and ultimately, leveraged on our expertise to explore new verticals, especially in local services and creating new offerings in financial services.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, Traveloka has also collaborated with local governments in vaccine distribution, domestic travel promotions, and promotion Dec21609 Traveloka of SME products and services; as well as partnered with various organizations in social care initiatives across Southeast Asia. “Through our mission, we will continue to enrich lives by empowering people to discover the world around them. As Southeast Asia’s lifestyle superapp, we are rapidly evolving to fulfil the lifestyle needs and aspirations of our consumers,” Hendro concludes. Company: Traveloka Name: Corporate Communications Team Email: [email protected] Web Address: