Singapore Awards 2022

48 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 As more andmore takes place virtually, the need to return to nature has never beenmore prescient. Using the latest technology to grow your greens, NatureThings has become amuch loved addition tomany people’s lives. In APAC Insider’s Singapore Business Awards 2022, the team achieved remarkable success. We take a look at how they ensure that nature always leads the way. Growing our own greens used to be the norm. For the team at NatureThings, it’s a norm they are determined to return to. For those who haven’t grown up green-fingered, the team have developed a beginner-friendly way of offering assistance to plant owners everywhere. Under the skilful tutelage of the NatureThings team, you’re certain to achieve truly amazing results. NatureThings began as a dream of nature lovers who came together with a simple mission: to bring green back into our everyday lives. For many people, who work online, who commute to and from offices, who work frenetically in our modern lifestyle, nature is never the first priority, yet it offers a range of benefits that cannot be ignored. To grow plants, and to maintain and nurture them, is a joyous thing. For the NatureThings team, their success is at the heart of creating a healthier and happier future for us all. The power of plants comes from their ability to support people physically and emotionally. On a practical level, growing your own food is a lot healthier and tastier than buying from the shops, but the emotional impact is considerable as well. Plants are proven stressrelievers, which makes people feel healthier too. By cultivating a unique green space, people can take a step back from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives and reflect on what makes them happy. All it takes is one plant. Of course, there are many ways of growing plants, but the NatureThings team has embraced AI technology to guide people through the process. With research-backed tools, it’s easy to stay on top of what you need to do with personalized expert advice delivered through WhatsApp. More than 200 years of knowledge has been fed into the NatureThings AI engine, finely adapted to the unique circumstances of Asia’s local weather and urban lifestyle. As you build good habits, and your own ideas, the app will adapt to suit your needs and tastes. It’s a proactive relationship that embraces the best of what nature and technology have to offer. By removing the guesswork from plants, anyone is free to enjoy taking part in this fun and relaxed pastime. A community of over 12,000 members has already been formed and continues to grow by the day. The ability to watch other grow and develop has been key to the success of NatureThings as it offers a hub of knowledge that can be easily shared across borders. More than just an app, it creates an experience that can be enjoyed by all. Nature is so easily overlooked in today’s frantic landscape, but it offers an escape that is invaluable to many. The success of this innovative venture comes from a passion for nature that is unsurpassed and an ability to combine it with the latest that technology has to offer. We celebrate the team’s startling success and look forward to their future achievements. Company: NatureThings Name: Nalini Veeraghanta Email: [email protected] Best Fresh Produce Home Growing Platform 2022