Singapore Awards 2022

46 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 Located byMasjid Sultan, The Secret Garden is a FrenchMuslim- owned brasserie that concocts wonderfully authentic and innovative French-inspired food. With a homage toMuslim flavours – rustic accompaniments that complement the floral essence of the environment and the homely elegance of the restaurants that permeates homemade love through its food, the brasserie is recognised as the Leading Halal Eatery of the Year. Established in the heart of the world’s most deliciously prominent food culture, The Secret Garden constructs undoubtedly delectable food collaborations. With the intrinsic fusion of French- Muslim creations, the brasserie develops tantalising moments that infuse the soul with whimsical cultural enlightenment for family and friends alike. The Secret Garden emerged from the initial Covid-19 lockdown. Instead of falling under the pressure of restrictions, the brasserie opened its doors to renew the interest in the F&B sector to bring in the indulging, elegant and whimsical flavours of French-inspired food, ambience, and culture to the Halal community within Singapore. The brasserie creates incredible dishes that replicates a summer food romance in France with a tribute to Muslim flavours, textures and a floral ambience. Overall, The Secret Garden is a genuinely magical brasserie that elevates the modern tastebud and reinvents French food history through mouthwatering pastries, desserts and main dishes that captures the radiating combination of cultures. At The Secret Garden, customers come from across Singapore for its merger of French-Muslim aromas with a historical nod to traditional French classics like Chicken Cordon Bleu, French Onion Soup, Bœuf Bourguignon and Bouillabaisse. Cooked to absolute perfection and with the freshest produce available, The Secret Garden devises Halala inspired, classic French dishes with an old-world twist, enticing tastebuds and enriching the foodsoul experience. The brasserie uses robust ingredients to create a unique and elaborate food journey that enlightens the Singapore pallet. It lures customers in with bursts of hearty fruit flavours, tangy zest of citrus and richly deep aromas that envelopes all the senses. Established as a botanical-themed brasserie, The Secret Garden not only provides unbelievably delicate and quintessential French flavours to the heart of Singapore but offers additional services such as flower bouquet concierge service, event space rentals and wedding and corporate orders. The Secret Garden is an allencompassing provider of unique aromas, robust flavours, hearty meals and delectable dessert. Furthermore, the essence of the brasserie is captured within a perfuming environment of gorgeous floral botanicals that warms the heart and the soul just as well as its uniquely enticing French-themed menu. Company: The Secret Garden Contact Name: Fawwaz Shariffudin Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Leading Halal Eatery of the Year 2022