Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 45 , The motto at the heart of GATES PCM Integrated Services Pte Ltd is “Always safe, forever secure” and it’s this promise that they deliver to their clients. Whether it’s a client’s life, property or personal information, their services are unparalleled. In this special edition of APAC Insider, dedicated to the Singapore Business Awards 2022, we dig a little deeper into how they’ve managed to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. The team at GPIS are leading forward a relatively young company, but their efforts since 2011 have seen them achieve incredible accolades within the industry, numerous credits and the addition of several high-profile clients to their portfolio. Focusing on protection and security, they have been able to attract some of the leading names in the field. When people turn to this team, they do so because they can be trusted to keep them cared for, looked after and safe. The security solutions put forward by the GPIS team are designed to specifically promote an environment of safety within Most Trusted Security Services Provider 2022 Singapore by protecting the interests of their clients. The team’s range of services include bespoke protection for buildings and institutions carried out by highly trained officers, as well as VIP protection, events security services and 24-hour surveillance through the use of state-of-the-art technology. For those who want to feel safe in a way that is as unintrusive as possible, this is the team to turn to. By putting the needs of the customer first, the team have been able to build up an impressive record of success with a diverse range of clientele. The underlying principle behind every decision made by the team is a determination to provide solutions that are truly best in class. Through taking a holistic perspective, the team can take into account the details of each individual situation. The success of the team’s incredible approach comes from the way in which it has grown significantly since those early days. This growth has not just seen the number of staff increase, but an ability to improve through the use of technology. The way in which the GPIS integrates the latest solutions with a level of diligence that comes only with expertise has proven to be the key to their astonishing success. Security is a sector that is constantly evolving and so this need to embrace technology has been vital to the continued success of GPIS. To stay at the forefront of the industry requires an approach which is deliberate and searches for the best, particularly when it comes to updating technology, standards and legalities. GPIS was awarded the Excellence in IDP solutions, a testament to the high standards that GPIS has set by embarking into technology integrated security. The use of Robot Patrols, Virtual Patrols, Analytical CCTV systems, License Plate Recognition Systems and high-tech information platforms has gone a long way to making a big difference to the way in which the team achieves its incredible results. Whilst the company has thrived thanks to the methods and procedures it has adopted over the years, the key element of success is the firm’s staff. With a heady mix of customer-centric courtesy and security know-how, the team have been proud to lead the way forward. Recently, GPIS won the Excellence in Job Redesign for their officers on the ground, showcasing how they have actively been taught how to leverage the latest technology in the field. This learning culture has meant that while a small company, GPIS has been able to grow and adapt at a pace which sets it apart from its rivals. The future is bright for this breath-taking team as they explore new options for security that can serve their clients better than ever before. For them 2022 will be the year that launches the move towards technology enabled security. For those who want the latest and best that the industry has to offer, it’s clear they mut look no further than GPIS. Poised and ready to roll into action, you know that you will be safe in their capable hands. Company: GATES PCM Integrated Service Pte Ltd Name: Dexter Allan Email: [email protected] Web Address: Dec21305