Singapore Awards 2022

38 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 The medical industry faces enormous challenges when it comes to the supply chain, with different products requiring different approaches. We take a look at the team from Intrinseque Health to discover how they are able to assist. In APAC Insider’s Singapore Business Awards, the teamwere named Best Global Clinical Development Support Organisation 2022. We dig a little deeper into how they achieved such incredible acclaim. Clinical trials are at the heart of the development of new medical procedures, but the challenge is always to deliver an exceptional service at all times. Facilitating this complex process are the team behind Intrinseque Health, with their incredible skill offering customised clinical development support services, focusing on clinical supply chain solutions. The team have made their name on various projects, supporting clients in the fields of biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and drug development as well as pharmaceutical. Their comprehensive solution sees the team contract research companies to complete Phase I-IV clinical development programs on their clients’ behalf. Needless to say, this approach has been key not only to offering amazing service to clients, but to improving the quality of data produced from clinical trials. This data is crucial to reducing study timelines, and therefore lowering costs. The world of clinical trials is not one completed in isolation, with an impressive network of professionals on hand to support the Intrinseque Health team through the trials of the day. There are the practical concerns of medical devices, equipment and supplies being on site, on time as well as the HR priorities of training site officials in how to use it. For ancillary supplies, a robust supply chain must be in place to ensure the minimum of delays. Many organisations simply do not have the resources or knowhow to deliver each and every time. Intrinseque Health definitely do. The challenges of supplying an effective solution becomes clear the moment the needs of each region are considered. Each has its own unique challenges to face when it comes to clinical study which must be overcome. From an early stage, the Intrinseque Health team are able to work closely with clients, supporting them with their clinical and non-clinical supply needs before a trial even takes place. This allows time for both a relationship to develop and for the team to understand the specific needs of the individual situation. In this internationally operating organisation, the COVID-19 pandemic has created unusual challenges. The drugs development industry and the way in which clinical trials are conducted have changed significantly, with products often hard to source and even harder to deliver. The way in which clinical supply plans are made has had to change to meet these challenges. Fortunately, the team have adapted swiftly, and have secured uninterrupted clinical supply chain services to their clients. Looking ahead, it’s clear this Singapore-based global Clinical Supply Chain services provider is one of the fasting in the industry. Its operations reached into five regions during 2021, allowing for the hiring of new talent in several areas and an increase in the service offering too. As the team continues to broaden its horizons, it is clear that 2022 will continue this growth-oriented approach. The success of Intrinseque Health is a credit to the team’s high standards and ability to deliver truly tremendous results for their clients. We celebrate their astonishing achievements and look forward to their plans for growth over the coming months and years. Company: Intrinseque Health Pte Ltd Name: Andriyas Silas Email: contact@ Web Address: Best Global Clinical Development Support Organisation 2022