Singapore Awards 2022

36 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 From the CoachingMindset for Professionals (CMP) course to the Inspire! programme, Coaching GoWhere strives to streamline the coaching process whilst developing a new generation of coaching professionals. In essence, innovation is at the heart of the company – for which it has been recognised by an abundance of organisations. Coaching GoWhere has provided the industry with a new lease on life, and its programmes are filling it with forwardthinking, creative, andmost importantly, highly-trained leaders as coaches. Established in 2015, Coaching Go Where specialises in executive coaching, leadership development, and consulting. The firm was founded upon the fundamental belief that everyone has incredible potential waiting to be unlocked. Co-founders Anna Tan and Emma Noguchi helm the firm. Both women are certified coaches with over 40 years of combined experience of consulting MNCs across the globe and the Asia Pacific region, training and coaching C-suite executives and managers to unleash greater performance from their team members. It is said that when you give a person a fish, you feed them for a day. However, when you teach a person to fish, you feed them for a lifetime. Leaders as coaches are important figures as they impart knowledge based on experience and guide us to greater heights based on factbased know-hows. Moreover, great mentors do so by ensuring that this is done through seamless communication. Coaching high-performing teams is a difficult and often complicated task, which is why Coaching Go Where has developed solutions that not only simplify but enhance the process. The firm’s Coaching Mindset for Professionals (CMP) certification course is aimed at leaders who want to excel in their work and in their lives. This internationally accredited coaching programme is specially designed to bestow vital coaching skills and a coaching mindset to support professionals in the complex workplace, and more so in today’s volatile, albeit recovering, Covid-19 economy. Designed by in-house executive coaches and accredited by the International Coaching Federation, the CMP course is a six-month programme that is delivered in a hybrid manner due to the changes in Covid-19 restrictions. It involves a blend of understanding the coaching model, putting theory into practice through the labs, and mentoring by established and experienced coaches. This aims to empower participants to become confident in conducting face-to-face or online coaching sessions. Consisting of theory and practice for real life business situations, the course ensures that at the end of the programme, participants will go home with a deep understanding and proficiency in the eight ICF core competencies. More than that, they will have the invaluable ability and confidence of coaching anyone from start to end. One of Coaching Go Where’s core beliefs is that inspired leadership is more impactful, which is why it serves as no surprise that its three-month leadership training programme called Inspire! was repeatedly recognised by organisations this year. The three main takeaways are firstly to Review – which is to reflect on one’s own journey thus far, secondly to Refresh – to set on a new path with renewed clarity and passion, and finally to Rewire – to create and sustain new habits and ways of thinking and being. Ultimately, this programme helps leaders churn their motivation into an inspirational driving force, so much so that their strategic thinking and mindsets impact others and move the needle for the business. In particular, the Inspire! programme is based on neuroscience, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), and social psychology, which are highly transferable skills that produce real world results once implemented. This is taught by the firm’s highly trained and experienced executive coaches that are fully accredited by either the International Coaching Federation or the International Coaching Institute. In 2021, Coaching Go Where received numerous accolades, including the Best Management Consultancy & Corporate Training in APAC by Corporate Vision at the Small Business Awards, Business Consultant of the Year by Corporate Live Wire at the Global Awards, and Top Placer in the Professional Services category by International Trade Council at the Go Global Awards. Earlier in her career, the firm’s co-founder, Anna Tan, was also awarded the Cabinet Office, UK Programme of the Year, for her transformation of the UK Civil Service in how it measured and improved employee engagement, which covered 98 organisations and approximately 500,000 employees. Contact: Anna Tan Company: Coaching Go Where Web Address: Best Leadership Training Company 2022