Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 27 , Established over a decade ago by SamChia, SC Coaching Asia Pte Ltd has been internationally recognised as Asia’s Best Leadership Coaching Service. With over 30 years of corporate leadership, consulting and coaching experience, SamChia is globally accredited as Asia’s go-to professional leadership coach. Founded in 2011, SC Coaching Asia Pte Ltd aims to develop leaders and encourage the embrace of a human-centred view of business, highlighting personal and professional cultures of respect, trust, compassion, and individual wellbeing. SC Coaching Asia was launched by Sam Chia, a remarkably renowned professional in leadership coaching with an extensive career history in FM/GM/MD/VP and CEO positions, reputably connected to several international listed organisations worldwide. With a Master’s in Business Administration, a fellow member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK (FCCA) and Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountant (ISCA) and the attendance of the High Potentials Leadership Program at Harvard Business School, Sam has outstanding leadership and business experiences that he has accumulated over the decades. Some of his leadership and business experiences implementations include six sigma, ISO9001 & 14001, Best Leadership Coaching Service - Asia business turnaround and culture transformation, building a customer-centric organisation, acquisition, integration and merger, and business expansion into new territories. Moreover, Sam is recognised as a Professional Certified Coach (PPC) given accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Certified Coach with Marshall Goldsmith - Stakeholder Centered Coaching, a certified Solution Focused Coach and awarded a certificate in coaching by Henley Business School, University of Reading. Thus, with his wide range of various professional certifications and accreditations and his combination of his personal and business experience in the industry and innate knowledge and passion towards the industry, Sam is trusted by many businesses and organisations. With his firm grounding at SC Coaching Asia, Sam and his team can provide excellent leadership development and coaching services to leaders of global organisations, business owners, and not-for-profit organisations across Asia. Sam works closely with senior leaders and business owners to achieve inspiring performance and encourage a positive and sustainable impact on those around him. SC Coaching Asia, established by Sam Chia, is run on the founding ideologies and core values that represent the essence of Sam his coaching mentality. The organisation is guided by six principles, such as treating people with dignity and mutual respect, having a passion for continuous learning and innovation, embracing change and challenges, honouring commitments and being accountable, establishing an unwavering belief in integrity and most importantly, providing the best practices and quality in its services. SC Coaching Asia’s coaching program can support leaders, allowing them to become successful leaders and improve resilience adaptability. With an innate efficiency, SC Coaching Asia encourages its clients to develop and implement effective strategies to build a world-class team that can create constructive results for its stakeholders. Having worked with leaders from S&P 500 companies and government agencies, SC Coaching Asia is renowned for its ability to connect and encourage leaders on a global scale. From countries as far as Brazil, the US, UK, Kazakhstan, Dubai, India, Australia, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, SC Coaching Asia is further proving its incredible value and reach as a leadership coaching company. SC Coaching Asia’s unique coaching methodology blending solution-focused coaching, sciencebased assessment technology, positive psychology and its bespoke approach to coaching has its clients achieving and exceeding their targeted outcome. Due to its lengthy success with its clients and word of mouth marketing, SC Coaching Asia has developed strategic partnerships with other global coaching and consulting practices. Thus, increasing its coaching business in size and reputation and its practicing services to support additional clients in locations where companies do not have a similar presence or expertise. However, with the fastchanging digitalisation of the modern world, new leadership capabilities are needed for the future of the working environment. SC Coaching Asia recognises this and has since established a partnership with globally renowned organisations to provide the combination of coaching services throughout 2022 and beyond to strengthen mindset and business acumen. With SC Coaching Asia leading the coaching industry, business momentum and individualised mindset have never been stronger – pushing the boundaries of modern leadership and creating a newly-run world for the people of the future. SC Coaching Asia Pte Ltd Name: Sam Chia Email: [email protected] Web Address: Dec21676 SC Coaching Asia Pte Ltd