Singapore Awards 2022

26 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 Established as an information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and services provider, Adventus Singapore Pte Ltd has been acknowledged as theMost Innovative IT Solutions Provider of 2022. The mission of Adventus is simple: to support organisations and bring about substantial changes to their business through the application of innovative solutions and services. Recognised as the leading ICT solutions and services provider of the modern world, Adventus Singapore Pte Ltd serves clients internationally, around the clock, providing an entirely inclusive range of diverse ICT services. Adventus offers a wide range of top-tier and gold standard services that covers everything from IT support, IT Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Cloud, IP Telephony, Internet, Voice, Mobile, Surveillance (CCTV), Access Control (Door & Building) to Print Equipment (Copiers & Printers). As a company that promotes the greatest level of leverage technology to make the most of business innovations, Adventus is a strong and progressive business looking to provide the best resuls possible for its many clients. This generates a huge amount of capital for each client that ensures a stable future for them. At Adventus, the overall objective for the company is to build longterm relationships with customers and is done so by creating innovative and bespoke value propositions that were executed by its fundamental principle of providing unmatched first-rate, high-quality professional services. To keep ahead in the market, Adventus focuses on revolutionary services that are currently altering the meaning of quality care. For Adventus, its most significant source of pride is knowing that the organisation is highly rated and regarded by its clients, peers, and competitors within the industry, ensuring top service with being the most customer-focused organisation within the market. “Emphasising and iterating the importance of delivering quality services to our customers is a daily routine at Adventus. Delighting our customers by always taking the extra mile is a culture, if not an obsession. At Adventus, we strive to overwhelm our customers with excellent services that define who we are and why we are here,” says June Ko, Assistant Manager of Marketing. Adventus is exceptionally inclusive regarding its products and service offerings combined with its innate nature of providing world-class customer service. And thus, it covers a wide range of technology disciplines needed amongst companies to run their businesses effectively. Currently, Adventus is one of the only companies on the market with direct in-house capabilities to support organisations for their daily operational needs in various systems. Therefore, it stands out amongst its competitors and can remain an industry leader. Moreover, with its superior customer service initiatives, Adventus has an innately strong track record for delivering outstanding results. Thus, customers are thoroughly impressed with exceeding expectations and overall achievement done by the company. Adventus’s initiative hasn’t gone unnoticed with its immediate adaptation during the fluctuating times of the COVID-19 pandemic – quickly changing and developing new strategies to keep its employees safe through working from home measures and producing solutions that would benefit its clients. With a huge amount of solutions that span across many areas, from Face Recognition & Temperature Sensor Door Access Solution to Digitalisation Solutions such as virtual collaboration tools, softphones and solutions that digitise paper documents, Adventus is putting its best foot forward. Adventus’ features and services are unmatched in the industry and push the boundaries of traditional IT solutions. The company has asserted itself as the world’s leading innovation provider of unparalleled customer service and highly advanced technical solutions that will soon become recognised globally in the business industry. Company Name: Adventus Singapore Pte Ltd Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Most Innovative IT Solutions Provider 2022