Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 13 Most Innovative Videography Studio 2022 have delighted many over the years. Key to this success is a positive work ethic, experience, and good organisational skills. With such a broad array of projects undertaken, it’s easy to see how team members develop effectively. The work is fast-paced, with time being valued incredibly highly. Throughout a project, the crew forms a close-knit group who are supportive at all times. This means that team members are not simply limited to their roles, but will help wherever it is needed most. Instilling these values from the top of the organisation has been crucial to the way in which the business has developed. During the pandemic, many people have discovered that video is an incredibly effective way of connecting with an audience. During the COVID-19 pandemic, with people locked inside, it has offered a way of presenting the outside world in a safe and secure way. For those in the property industry, the expertise of the PieStudio team has been invaluable. Their property showcase videos have allowed them to inform viewers about the distinct characteristics of housing available on the market. Real estate agencies have a unique set of criteria for success and few are better equipped for the task than the team at PieStudio. This market growth was not anticipated, but has become a major part of what the team has done. This is due, in no small part, to the restrictions forced by the pandemic over the last couple of years. Weddings, corporate events and major occasions were all curtailed incredibly swiftly. The team at PieStudio have adapted to adhere to safe distancing guidelines and best practices, while working tirelessly to ensure that none of their output has been compromised. For them, quality is the priority at all times. The future seems bright for the PieStudio team, with their skill unparalleled within the market, and their passion for the visual arts undiminished. When it comes to capturing those special occasions in a way that tells the story as intimately and affectionately as possible, there are few finer. The way in which the team can connect with their viewers is a powerful tool indeed, and an invaluable one to those who have used their services. We look forward to the movie magic they will conjure up in the years to come. Company: PieStudio Name: Britaney Chitty Email: [email protected] Web Address: