Singapore Awards 2022

12 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 , Capturing those magic moments has become commonplace as technology has become open to all. It’s rare for an event to happen without selfies or recordings or photos to share with friends and family. Whilst delightful, PieStudio offers the next level when it comes to sharing those memories. Through careful framing, expert pacing and an eye and ear for what looks best, they can create a stunning experience in and of itself that evokes what happened. The team at PieStudio offer photography and videography services for all kinds of special occasions and corporate events. Their talents have seen them do everything from humble profiles and family portraits to corporate videos showcasing the story of how a business has thrived over the year. No matter what the challenge, the team’s technical knowledge opens the doors to a wealth of opportunities for clients that has been embraced by numerous industries. From wedding ceremonies to wine tasting, the breadth of If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine what a video could do! More than recording those important moments that can’t be repeated, the teamat PieStudio have made it their mission to capture the essence of those memories on video so that they can be enjoyed again and again. Through sight and sound, they have delighted hundreds of clients in a wealth of different situations. We take a closer look at how this impressive teamhas achieved success in APAC Insider’s Singapore Business Awards 2022. Most Innovative Videography Studio 2022 work that the PieStudio team undertakes is exceptional. They have an enviable portfolio that demonstrates their passion and ability to offer a turnkey solution to their clients. Often the team are invited to capture moments which are priceless or of immense personal importance. Taking care of clients throughout the process is therefore a necessity. An experienced production team ensures that no matter what the project, they always meet their client’s unique requirements. It’s not enough to simply capture those special moments. The PieStudio team go above and beyond to deliver excellence in every respect. No two businesses are the same, and so the PieStudio team often meet up for a free consultation in order to determine what approach will work best for their desired outcome. The success of a client’s project is a success for PieStudio too. Over the years, the team have developed many affordable packages that are competitively priced, which ensures each project is of the utmost quality and can be planned as efficiently as possible. By getting involved right from the start, the team can begin work almost immediately and carefully tailor their approach to the needs of the moment. Since opening their doors, the team at PieStudio have been proud to work with some incredibly high-profile clients including Cathay Cineplexes, Kucina Italian Restaurant and RCM Academy. Alongside their projects for individuals, each of these brought their own unique challenges and demanded a unique approach to produce the best possible production. At every stage, the PieStudio team set people who might not be naturals in front of a camera at ease and ensured that when they were captured on camera, they were always seen at their very best. To achieve this relaxed, yet productive attitude has not been easy. Every member of staff has had to work incredibly hard, combining the desires of a creative vision with the practical concerns of bringing it to life. Every project begins with nothing but a concepts, but the results are breath-taking visuals that Dec21723