Singapore Business Awards 2021

9 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Unicar is a car cosmetic services and detailing company that works with a wide range of clients and vehicles, operating out of Singapore. Amongst its services, it offers such things as car spas, polish, waxing, coating, disinfectant, paint protective with its innovative ‘ceramic coating’, and interior grooming. Over the years, it has accumulated the trust of its client base as well as a couple of notable accolades and certifications: it is a certified Kenzo Master Installer and Menzerna Car Detailer. Its core values include friendship, integrity, and responsiveness. It seeks to maintain these in every aspect of its service, extending them outwards to the client as well as ensuring it permeates the structure of its own ranks to cultivate a healthy work environment. It believes in cultivating a long-term working relationship with its customers both private and corporate. In serving both markets, it enjoys access to a wide range of customers and businesses, valuing every one that walks through its doors as a part of its own success story simply by supporting it. Due to these factors and the friendly and personable atmosphere it strives to create, it enjoys a lot of word of mouth reviews. Above all other types of marketing and ways in which to make a name for itself, it values these; a word of mouth review is a sign of trust between it and its client. Consequentially, Unicar sees a lot of customers return again and again. It takes great pride in the effectiveness and quality of its work, no matter what kind of vehicle it’s working with – cars, vans, minibuses, anything. It treats each with the same level of service and quality and ensures that it leaves pristine. It also works hard to ensure that it has a short turnaround on its jobs, responding to customers within a small timeframe and completing the work with expedience as well as finesse. Additionally, when it receives feedback, it implements the changes necessary to respond to that feedback as quickly as it can, rectifying all issues or concerns. This assures customers that Unicar is worthy of that relationship of trust and repeat custom. Other than walk in customers and those who come in from word of mouth referrals, it places advertisements through Google, Facebook, and Instagram. In this way, it has carved out its identity in these spaces to solidify a brand identity online. This has helped it find further recognition for its work, and allows it alternative ways to connect with its clients. It uses Facebook messaging, WhatsApp, or even phone calls depending on what platform the customer is comfortable with, adding a personal and friendly touch to its business model. It also receives inquiries from potential competitors. In this way, it often finds such competitors asking in depth questions about the services it provides – but it has developed a keen eye for such things! It considers its unique selling point to be the positive feedback and testimonials that it can include in its portfolios and professional pitches. As a front-line service, it has built up a team of positive and friendly people who can connect well with its customers. It puts a lot of Vehicle Detailing Services in Singapore With an ever-expanding roster of clientele and a forward-thinking attitude to business, Unicar strives to be the vehicle cosmetics company of choice in its area. Feb21006 Unicar Pte Ltd Company: Unicar Pte Ltd Contact: Robert Ang Website: emphasis on making a good first impression – and as such, this is the responsibility of every member of its team. The qualities that it looks for in potential future hires are those that fall in line with its core attitudes, as well as someone who is honest and patient. Its culture internally is a tight knit one that encourages feedback and discussion within its ranks, prioritising building close connections between colleagues and a safe environment for everyone. Furthermore, it seeks to implement the feedback of its staff just as much as it tries to implement that of its clients, forever striving to streamline and improve work processes. In the future, this small but ambitious team seeks to further corner the automobile detailing market in Singapore. Due to clients not being able to travel to Malaysia to seek detailing services during the pandemic, it has thusly seen an increase in such clients turning to Unicar. It will continue to serve this market with diligence and rigor so that even after the pandemic, these clients will remain with Unicar instead of going back to seeking anything further afield.