Singapore Business Awards 2021

8 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Ready Steady Go Kids or RSGK is a multi-sport and exercise programme service, serving pre-schoolers from the ages of one and a half to six. Working with businesses, private consumers, and parents, it offers its multi-sports programmes to a wide variety of users. Finding its origins all the way over in Australia in 2004 on a quest to encourage all children towards the enjoyment of sport and physical activity, it began a Singapore branch in 2012 that marked the establishment of company’s first international franchisee. Today, Singapore’s branch of the programme is one of the company’s most lucrative. It runs at over 50 preschools across the country as well as in multiple locations on the weekends. It has also designed and actively runs a dedicated physio-focused programme that over 200 different locations offer to their end users in Australia, Singapore, and further afield. As a company, RSGK is passionate about ensuring every child has access to the equipment, safe environment and teaching to be able to enjoy gym equipment and sports in a fun and engaging way. It believes that early exposure to such things encourages a lifelong love of fitness. In cultivating this sort of attitude amongst its end users, it wishes to ensure that each of them has a healthy relationship with sport as they grow into adults with active lifestyles. It also aims to develop and enhance age-appropriate motor skills. Consequentially, its programmes include the teaching of coordination and correct posture. In tandem with this, it seeks to instil not just appreciation for the activity in the pre-schoolers it works with, but the appreciation for good practice in those activities. It reinforces the importance of warm- ups and cool downs to prevent injuries – and ensures each service user hydrates properly. Further to this, it teaches the importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork to create environments in which the children can create fulfilling friendships, encouraging their social as well as physical development. RSGK’s programmes also increase Best Children’s Fitness & Health Program 2021 Continuing to serve its end users with diligence and perseverance even during the pandemic, RSGK is the multi-sport provider making a difference to pre-schoolers lives everywhere. Feb21185 RSGK Singapore Pte Ltd Company: RSGK Singapore Pte Ltd Contact: Ready Steady Go Kids Website: multi-sports for 1.5–6 year olds confidence, prepare children for higher levels of schooling, and form the building blocks for working towards high levels of balance, spatial awareness, hand-eye and leg-eye coordination. In catering to a breadth of clients both business to business and otherwise, it has developed skills in serving a versatile and dynamic target market. It has also built up a wide variety of highly tailored equipment and methods that allow its services to deliver excellence and fun. Its classes are conducted with a low trainer to child ratio of about 1:5, allowing each trainer to work with the children on an individual and personal level, getting to know their quirks and mannerisms as well as how best to inspire them. Its programmes were all designed by a trained physiologist with a background in working with young children in 2004, and since then these have stood the test of time – RSGK uses the same methodologies today as it did back then. At RSGK, most of its staff are the on-the-ground trainers who work with its service users. Therefore, they are trained fitness coaches and highly certified when it comes to working with pre-schoolers. Furthermore, they are the face of the company – they give it the bright, responsive, and enthusiastic attitude that is prized by RSGK’s clients, providing patient and kind support to parents and children. It relies on its back-end office supporters for daily operations within the company itself. Each employee contributes to different aspects, however, and a flat hierarchy works well for RSGK to allow its team to work seamlessly together. This not only boosts efficiency, but boosts morale within its ranks, and grants each person the autonomy to make their own choices within the wider company. Of course, along with many companies like it, Covid-19 hit RSGK’s revenue streams hard. In response it focused its efforts on growing its online services, in a pivot that helped to see it through a potentially dangerous time for its enterprise. To this end, it recorded many ‘stay at home’ videos and a ‘FUNtastic Weekend with RSGK’ series to provide physical activity training videos for its users to follow along with at home. Going forward, it seeks to grow even further, expanding its B2C operations and B2B programmes by updating its services and working more closely with pre-schools. multi-sports for 1.5–6 year olds