Singapore Business Awards 2021

6 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , That’s Infotech is a cyber security consultancy that offers a full integration of solution, including advanced technology and consistent monitoring, with continuous employee training on security and compliance which helps to strengthen companies that deal with personally identifiable information (PII) by helping them to minimise the possibility of human error. With more Singapore organisations reporting an increase in internet security breaches, it may be the best time to find out if a company has been compromised. “Research suggests that more than 90% of Singapore companies experienced a security breach last year. In most cases, they don’t really know the extent of the damage - how many accounts were compromised, and if those accounts are still accessible in the dark web,” explains Joel Shee, the Managing Director and ‘IT Doctor’ at That’s Infotech. That’s IT’s Dark Web Assessment helps identify which credentials in a company have been exposed as well as the origin of the breach. Joel continues to explain that 92.4% of threats are delivered directly via email, which means about 27% of business email compromise (BEC) incidents detected in South-East Asia occurred in Singapore. The firm’s clients are mostly in the Law, Accounting and Public Listed sectors that are either located or headquartered in Singapore. Clients, more often than not, come from word-of-mouth recommendation, meaning that That’s IT’s work speaks for itself. “Our company focuses its core philosophy of good service,” he elaborates. “However, this doesn’t mean the customer is always right! We focus on Data Protection, by which expands the service towards the consulting where we leverage on White Hats to scan through data that are already compromised to show the clients. Not all prospects like us in the way they expect of an IT Consultant. Facts don’t Lie - Whether they like it or not!” When recruiting and looking for new talent, Joel has a very specific approach. Best Cyber Security Consultation Services 2021 Cyber security consultancy, That’s Infotech, aims to examine and correct a company’s security breaches. In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, whenmanymillions of people were forced into work remotely fromhome, cyber security has never beenmore important. We speak to Joel Shee about the firm to find out what they offer. Jan21279 “I do not look for certificates or specialisation of new talents,” he says. “My recruitment process throws that out. But instead, I test them on personality skills, soft skills, planning with a project on hand and most importantly, an eye for detail? Finally, there is a test to recap what they have been doing for the past hour with me.” Joel has recently experienced an increase in business, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. “With working from home becoming more of the norm, clients and businesses have acknowledged the facts that having an office might not be a compulsory factor in business anymore. We were able to help where clients were “cross-sizing” their Physical IT servers to work-from-home. “Due to extensive product knowledge and years of experience, we were able to tweak what they already had into an operation like no other without spending any money transitioning towards this work- from-home environment. “With most of them understanding the need to adapt, we saw many initially lost prospects coming back to us when Covid took a turn in the world.” Despite the uptick in business for That’s IT, Joel hopes that companies who have adapted to provide their workers with remote access will still take precautions with their cyber security. “Previously a company’s cyber security was maintained at the office. Now it’s at home. We would like companies to re-think their cyber security as 90% of security breaches are inadvertent, unintentional and caused by human error.” Company: That’s Infotech Pte Ltd Contact: Joel Shee Website: