Singapore Business Awards 2021

29 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Feb21044 In April 2000, the Singapore government introduced full market competition in the telecommunications sector. With their extensive experience in designing, deploying, and maintaining major IT and telecom networks, both locally and overseas, Maurice Baker and Terence Lim sensed a real business opportunity. As such, they founded RED Technologies and have never looked back. As leading specialists in fibre optic networks, remote hands support, and IT design and project management, RED Technologies now have offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Along the way, they have expanded their services in terms of offerings and geography—providing mission-critical solutions for international telecom operators and hyperscale data centres, as well as major corporations and SMEs—throughout Asia Pacific, including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Today, RED Technologies is the recipient of two 2021 APAC Singapore Business Insider Awards: Best Fibre Networks Managed Service Provider and Leading Specialist in Remote Hand Support. “It’s a great honour to be recognised by the APAC Singapore Business Insider Awards on two fronts,” said Maurice Baker, CEO at Red Technologies. “As you know, last year was particularly challenging for everyone, globally and here in Singapore,” he reflected. “For companies maintaining key infrastructure services, it was imperative that essential fibre optic networks and data centres were kept up and running, 24/7/365. These awards recognise the hard work put in by the team.” Terence Lim, Director and Co-founder, said that receiving awards for different business units was a testament to the company’s vision and core values. “Throughout RED Technologies, we always believe in industry best practices, the highest operational standards, and a customer-first approach, regardless of our service offering. Winning the two awards for different business units reinforces that we are on the right path.” In fact, there are designated design, technical, and maintenance teams across three distinct areas: • Deployment and protection of fibre optic networks • Remote hands support • IT design and project management RED Technologies have a proven track record in rolling out major fibre network projects (including customer connections and POPs) to the highest standards. As a result, existing clients can focus solely on RED Technologies Rolling out andmaintaining secure ITand telecominfrastructure is one thing. However, how doyou consistentlymanage to ensure that resilience is built inevery stepof theway? And to the point that you raise the bar, both locally andoverseas? These are the questionswe foundourselves askingREDTechnologies, a leading specialist infibre optic networks, remotehands support, and ITdesignandprojectmanagement. Best Fibre Networks Managed Service Provider 2021 & Leading Specialist in Remote Hands Support Company: RED Technologies Contact: Maurice Baker Website: Email: [email protected] their core business, while those looking to get to market faster avoid the need to set up their own internal resources. Rather than follow the old break/fix service model, RED Technologies pride themselves on delivering and managing resilient networks. It’s an area that they have specialised in over the past two decades. By combining proprietary software via their sister company, Quixotic Group, with in-house field services, RED Technologies can offer clients greater network insights, including On-Net construction visibility, with enhanced up-time. So much so, that their network solutions are now deployed far and wide, from the likes of Brazil to South Korea. For SMEs or organisations that lack local staff on the ground or require extended technical support, there’s RED Remote Hands. It enables you to perform basic-to-skilled functions and tasks—from managing entire facilities for some of the world’s largest data centres providers to individual racks—remotely, 24/7. What’s more, RED Technologies have the project management expertise to assist companies, large and small, across the entire project lifecycle—from planning to deploying and securing IT and telecom networks. “It’s a credit to everyone involved that we’ve been able to come this far—and earn these two APAC Singapore Business Insider Awards,” said Maurice Baker. “Ultimately, I couldn’t be prouder of our team who put their heart and soul into everything they do, day in, day out. Lastly, a huge thanks to our clients for entrusting their critical infrastructure with RED Technologies.”