Singapore Business Awards 2021

28 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Bio-X Global Pte Ltd is a company dedicated to the preservation of the natural world and humanity’s relationship with it. This company develops, sells, and implements biotechnology for the agriculture industry, providing more sustainable and ecologically friendly crop protection solutions against viruses and pests. In this way, Bio-X seeks to provide the modern corporate world a way to get back to the original attitude people held towards the natural world, one where mutual care assures mutual flourishing. This it sees as especially pivotal as indifference towards environmental degradation has caused health, sanitation, agricultural, and ecological concerns across the board. Therefore, the products that Bio-X produce are made in effort to halt this trend. It acts as an insecticide, insect repellent, ovicide, larvicide, disinfectant, deodoriser, fungicide, and plant growth enhancer. It takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to its work, facing the issues its clients face and applying expert problem solving to find solutions. All Bio-X’s products are formulated using a cross section of industry specific knowledge from different sectors, and both traditional techniques and advanced science. To this end, it has created a unique water-based formula. This solution is safe to work with, effective in its purpose, and is an incredible all in one solution that its clients laud as an invaluable product. Its main target markets can be found across 5 industries in particular: agriculture, the commercial industry, public health, animal hygiene, and consumer. Working under a crop cultivation ethos, it does not promote the use of harmful insecticide, fungicide, or disinfectant, as these chemical services seriously damage the ecosystem of the area that they are used on, especially as it doesn’t stop at the field or plot. These kinds of chemicals sink into groundwater and runoff, making their way into nearby rivers and streams. As a preventative measure to this, Bio-X products are biodegradable and photo-degradable, and they leave no harmful residue. This lack of any lasting harmful chemicals makes it a serious cut above the rest in its industry, pioneering a way into a sustainable future for the Best Eco-Friendly Insect Repellent Biotech Company 2021 Operating on aworldwide scale, Bio-X is a socially and environmentally responsible company dedicated to providing hygiene solutions that improve both human and natural health. Jan21026 Company: Bio-X Global Pte Ltd Contact: Patricia Fang Website: earth. In agriculture, it promotes a total solution to the problems facing the plantation with treatment for seedlings, soil, and the plants. Bio-X products are not only unbeatable in their environmental safety, but also help to increase yield of the crops and improve wealth for the farmers, facilitating food security for the country. It also increases the hygiene in the local wildlife as their ecosystems are not being contaminated. Further to this, its efforts remove insects, invasive pests, bacteria, and viral diseases – and the resulting impact has a positive long-term effect on the health of the farm animals. Clients and consumers then benefit from the huge reduction in the need for antibiotics. Continuing consumption of meats which contained high dosage of antibiotics will hamper the normal functioning of our immune system, making our body weaker and more susceptible to diseases. It also offers commercial sanitation services such as a single application product. This, when applied to an indoor space, removes all pests, germs, mould, and odour, and has been used in restaurants, hotel rooms, halls, community centres and more. In tandem with this, Bio-X’s solutions residue effect encourage public health as even a single use has a lasting effect. It functionally ensures long-term protection against mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and other pests, creating a hygienic space for its clients, end users, and their pets. In addition, with the world constantly becoming more connected and globalised, and the corporate world fusing more with the cultural, Bio-X prides itself on having built an excellent culture internally as well as with its clients. Employees are dedicated and well-briefed, trained to handle client interactions and any challenges with professionalism and honesty. This training is encouraged throughout its ranks, and often when a vacancy opens, it will use this educational methodology to prepare existing staff to allow them to rise to the challenge. With Covid-19 having increased the demand for hygiene products exponentially, Bio-X has been working hard to provide solutions to as many as possible. Its solutions, not only tested effective against various bacteria and viruses but also proven to be effective against the Coronavirus, which has made it an intrinsic part of the fight against the disease; and since this discovery it has redeveloped and repackaged itself to offer a low-cost and more accessible version. In order to better control the spread of contagious diseases, Bio-X is expanding the usage into new application territory such as the humidifier and ventilation systems to blanket an entire area and exterminate any airborne pathogens within the vicinity. In the future, it will be continuing this work, expanding its market, and reaching more people as well as pushing its industry towards greater sustainability. Bio-X Global Pte Ltd