Singapore Business Awards 2021

27 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , The team at Hatcher+ is always looking forward. Having analyzed over 600,000 venture transactions spanning 20 years of venture investment and constructed over four billion virtual VC portfolios, spanning all geographies, sectors, and stages, Hatcher+ has been able to build a data-driven approach to venture investing that delivers robust, predictable returns, global deal flows and co-investment opportunities for investors. This use of data, applied carefully to specific circumstances, has brought the team immense success. The insights from their research are aligned with those from research publications such as Harvard Business Review, Institutional Investors and Innosight. At the start of 2021, the team was proud to launch Hatcher+ VAAST™, the world’s most advanced venture as a service technology platform. The team had worked tirelessly to bring their proprietary platform to life - by investing heavily in research and development, at a cost of US$10m. John Sharp, Founding Partner of Hatcher+, said, “Through our first traditional investment vehicle, Hatcher H1, we were reminded constantly of the qualitative and subjective nature of investing and how venture capital has lagged behind other asset classes in terms of technology adoption. Since then, our mission is to de-risk, democratize and revolutionize the VC industry with new levels of intelligent automation, data sharing and analysis with Hatcher+ and VAAST™.” Hatcher+ VAAST™ enables AI-assisted analysis of partner program applications, management of tasks and teams, data analysis, and stakeholder reporting, via a custom-branded interface. The platform is white-label ready, integrated with 26 leading APIs, support for 18 languages and 50 currencies. Additionally, Hatcher+ has formed partnerships with leading generalists, specialist accelerators and seed stage VCs; these partners provide access to more than 30,000 new startup investments annually - 30x the deal flow of traditional VCs. These are some key features of the Hatcher+ VAAST™ platform. AI-powered deal scouting Hatcher+ VAAST™ enables partners to identify new emerging business opportunities using AI and natural language processing- based algorithms and search for specific business types using the VAAST Deal Scout module. Support for impact Hatcher+ VAAST™ enables impact-focused groups to identify impact- related startups using deep learning-based algorithms and search for specific business types using the VAAST Deal Scouti module. Scalable process automation Hatcher+ VAAST™ includes individual data profiles for startups, cap Best Venture Management Platform 2021 Dataplays anenormous role in theworld today. For some businesses, the acquisitionof data is key, but for others it isfindingways of applying it effectivelyonbehalf of business and their industry. Hatcher+ is anext-generation, data-driven, global venturefirmthat has achieved the remarkable. Let’s take a closer look to see just howtheyhave done it. Jan21283 Hatcher+ Company: Hatcher+ Contact: Darren Thang Email: [email protected] LinkedIn: Website: tables, fundraising campaign management, KPI tracking, and secure data rooms. Real-time reporting Hatcher+ VAAST™ enables VCs to create and manage deal flow and portfolios, automate daily operations (including in-house accelerators), and generate comprehensive stakeholder reports. Unlike other CRM or venture management platforms, Hatcher+ VAAST™ has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of venture investing community, right here and now. It is specifically made to fit the requirements of the future. It has the ability to handle quantitative analytics, alongside big data, but doesn’t usurp the need for subjective decision-making either. In short, Hatcher+ VAAST™ is a major step forward for those who are willing to embrace the future of venture capital. The platform has proven to be a major success, with founders having easier access to capital as well as the ability to share data between ecosystem partners and standardize the quantitative analysis of venture investments using advanced, AI-based predictive analytics. It is little wonder that for many stakeholders, Hatcher+ VAAST™ has become the platform of choice for their work. With such a strong recipe for success, many are celebrating the tremendous journey of Hatcher+ and the VAAST™ platform that they have pioneered. As the team’s portfolio continues to expand, it is clear that the success the team have achieved in the last few years is only the beginning of something that is not only unique for the venture capital sector, but an astonishing achievement for the world at large.