Singapore Business Awards 2021

26 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Sarius Performance International is a performance enhancement, leadership development and coaching company that focuses on developing the physical, emotional, and mental health of its clients. Through its programs that focus on embodied learning and practice, it aims to enhance both a person’s personal and professional wellbeing, allowing them to reach greater levels of success in their chosen field. The company offers a ‘new proposition in the world of performance’, because of the background and passions of its founding partners. Sari and Marcus have worked to combine the principles of executive coaching, fitness training, movement and nutrition in a unique way. The result is a truly holistic system that transforms leadership presence and produces breakthrough results. Sarius Performance International calls this exclusive approach the ‘Active Synergy Coaching’ method, as described in its first published book, ‘Fit To Lead’ and covered in its classes and programs. The method involves working with their other proprietary models: ‘The 5 Pillars of Performance’, The Dynamic Energetics System, and the P.E.R.M. leadership methodology. Co-founder Marcus Marsden graduated from Oxford University in the class of 1989, from there going straight into marketing and change management at Unilever, where he accumulated 12 years of experience at the UK based firm. In 2002, he left both Unilever and Europe for a career in Leadership Development and Executive Coaching. In recent years he has expanded this focus to include work with resistance training, HIIT and nutrition. His early life was also driven by his love of physical activity and competitive challenge, representing England schoolboys at cricket and representing his county at chess on multiple different occasions. The mind/body dichotomy has long intrigued him, and he has used this interest to spur on his work towards developing the “Fit To Lead” approach. Marcus has worked all over the world with Senior Managers and Board directors from multinational companies such as Aditya Birla Group, Prudential, PETRONAS, La Prairie, Taishin Bank and AXA as both a leadership trainer and executive coach. Based on his extensive experience over two decades, he now believes that to create lasting change one must work on the mind, body, and emotional state in an integrated manner. It was this realisation that spurred him on to create Sarius Performance International with his wife, Sari. Sari Marsden has been active in the industry of performance coaching and leadership for more than 10 years. She uses a wide range of physical movement, performance coaching and leadership development techniques to facilitate powerful and sustainable shifts Most Pioneering Leadership Coaching Specialists Encouraging synergy between personal and leadership development initiatives is something to which every business can aspire. Built on the unique vision of wife and husband team, Sari and Marcus Marsden, Sarius Performance International is the proud winner of our Most Pioneering Leadership Coaching Specialists award. Jan21433 Company: Sarius Performance International Contact: Sari Marsden [email protected] Website: in her client’s lives. She works with both individuals and groups and is especially passionate about empowering women and supporting them to reclaim their core strength. She is an NASM-certified personal trainer, corrective exercise and fitness nutrition specialist, and an accredited Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. Alongside her many credentials, she has experience as an elite trainer for the Nike Training Club in South East Asia and is a four-time champion in regional fitness physique competitions, winning gold medals for Team Singapore. Living such an athletic lifestyle personally and professionally, she too is a strong advocate for the synergistic strength between the mental, physical and emotional states. Sarius Performance International is therefore headed up by two pioneering minds in the industry. Amongst its highly regarded services are its “Fit To Lead” Workshops and Women’s Leadership Presence Programs. The company also offers bespoke, tailored programs for corporate clients. These bespoke services are mirrored in its one- to-one coaching offers that are open to both corporate and public clients. The company also partners extensively with industry-leading organisations, The Works Partnership and The Coach Partnership. Sarius Performance International