Singapore Business Awards 2021

25 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Fawn & Co. is the owner of Fawn Labs, Singapore’s first sustainable and bespoke skincare laboratory that promotes a circular model with low-to-zero wastes model. As a laboratory at the forefront of an emerging industry, Fawn Labs conducts workshops to formulate bespoke, organic skincare products with a strong focus on sustainability. It also holds open lab events where participants can be welcomed in to craft their own bespoke skincare products when their personal supply eventually runs out. Behind the success of Fawn Labs is Fawn & Co, which has always sought to empower understanding around the topics of sustainability and clean beauty. This is more than a brand that it out to make a quick buck. Instead, Fawn & Co. is all about disrupting the traditional luxury skincare industry, which has since grown to become one of the highest single-use packaging wastage industries in the world today. 2021 marks the start of a very exciting journey for the team at Fawn & Co., as Christmas 2020 saw the launch of the firm’s first retail-and- ready product. Over the past few months, it has been so encouraging for the firm to see the amount of people that are subscribing to its Zero Packaging Waste line of luxury skincare products. This is the line of products where clients can have the chance to have their old packaging sterilised and made suitable for reuse. As 2021 continues, this will no doubt be a source of much expansion for the team at Fawn & Co. As has previously been mentioned, Fawn Labs encourages people to return to workshops where they can craft their own, unique beauty products. Part of the beauty of this process is that the client can reuse their own containers. Workshop participants bring home their formulations in beautiful reusable containers, and are encouraged further to bring them back time and time again to be sterilised and reused for new formulations. Clients that get their products from Fawn & Co. can rest assured that there is an ongoing and entrenched commitment to delivering unbridled quality and unmatched sustainability. Each and every formula is designed with that same commitment in mind; to seeing a beautiful world filled with beautiful people. The work of Fawn & Co. would simply not be possible without the enthusiasm and drive of those who make up the team. Every member of the entire team at Fawn & Co. is committed to both empowering and educating people on topics of sustainability and clean beauty. Staff share the same ethos as the brand itself, living it out every single day. There is an unwavering commitment across the board to spending every bit of time, money, and effort in building a circular Best Sustainable Beauty Brand 2021 Beauty is all around us every single day, and there is joy to be found in everything. Combining the bothmanmade beauty and a deep-rooted commitment to preserving and sustaining the beauty of the natural world is Fawn & Co., a design-led clean beauty brand that focuses heavily on sustainability. To find out more about this award-winning Singaporean business, we take a closer look. Dec20361 Fawn & Co. Pte Ltd Company: Fawn & Co. Pte Ltd Contact: Hann Chia Facebook: and eco-friendly brand within the beauty industry. Crucially, Fawn & Co. also knows what it does not need. It does need people to be perfect in their pursuit for a more sustainable approach to beauty. It simply needs more people to start trying to be more sustainable. That collective and community-led effort will be more far-reaching than a very few perfect practicing individuals. Finally, there is yet one more area in which Fawn & Co. is a leader: community outreach. As it forms such a huge part of the firm’s corporate identity and values, despite its relative youth as a brand, community outreach is something that Fawn & Co. prides itself on. The aforementioned corporate values relate most strongly to female empowerment, child welfare, and family support welfare. It should come as no surprise, therefore, to learn that the firm has supported such causes as Daughters of Tomorrow, an organisation that supports more than 25,000 low-income women. Female empowerment and support is something that is both near and dear to the hearts of the female-led team at Fawn & Co., and by doing everything they can to support these admirable causes, the firm is only building a stronger case for its ongoing success within the industry.