Singapore Business Awards 2021

24 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , DEEPBLUE is a consultancy and engineering business creating state of the art solutions for oceanic and maritime engineering needs. Having been in operation since 2008 and developed substantial goodwill and repute in its industry, it delivers cost effective and trustworthy services. It is DEEPBLUE’s company vision to be the preferred international engineering partner to companies hiring its realm of expertise, serving a wide cross section of businesses that require dependable construction. Due to this, much of its efforts focus on the development and operation of floating units – these include marine infrastructure and offshore energy projects that require specialist services. It offers mooring design systems, SURF and Subsea operations, hydrodynamics, marine systems, naval architecture, structural design, marine operations, and offshore installations. In tandem with this, it extends its support to vessel owners, FPSO, FSOs and Floating windmills, field developers, energy companies, and renewable specialists. With its own designed (and patent pending) floating platform design suitable for up to 15 MW windmill towers DEEPBLUE is committed to the renewable energy clients with the same effort it has supported the offshore industry since 2008. This business has a commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions at every level. No matter the client or job, it approaches each one with the highest quality knowledge and experience behind it. Furthermore, it strives to keep up to date with the latest advances and developments in technical engineering, working with its clients throughout the duration of Best Marine Systems Design & Engineering Consultancy 2021 Providing engineering and consultancy services to a vast range of clients that require oceanic construction solutions, DEEPBLUE is a company with a strict dedication to excellence. Dec20360 DEEPBLUE Company: DEEPBLUE Pte Ltd Contact: Yves De Leeneer Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Website: the project to keep up with demands that can adapt and fluctuate during the process. It is particularly suited to do this, and being a maritime focused company is used to the importance of flexibility, working around intense weather conditions or unforeseen factors that may arise during a job. In this way, no matter what may occur, DEEPBLUE is confident in its ability to continually meet and exceed its client’s expectations in terms of sustainability, reliability, safety, and environmental responsibility. As a company, DEEPBLUE has a strict set of ethics that it keeps to across its operations. This applies to all levels of the company, from management to new employees – and it expects each person to pitch in and embody the values they are built upon. These ethics firstly pertain to the quality, integrity, honesty, and ethical content of all its work; by upholding such high standards and being critical of its own business model, it is always seeking to better itself. Additionally, its stakeholders, clients, sub-contractors and environmental health and safety governance bodies can all pertinently see these efforts in action, and thus DEEPBLUE can apply a ‘show not tell’ model to the excellence of its solutions. Another ethical element that DEEPBLUE holds in the highest regard is its ability to provide consultancy, design, and engineering services that are in line with international governing body regulations. This includes the guidelines for internationally recognised HSE standards in the Energy and Offshore sector. In this way, DEEPBLUE promotes the highest levels of HSE standard compliance within its business, and for all projects that it completes for its clients. In this way, it can reassure its customers that every aspect of its work is governed by quality insurance and quality control. This rigor is something it has become notorious for, and due to its efforts, it has earned a certification from the American Bureau of Shipping for ISO 9001:2015. DEEPBLUE also upholds social corporate responsibility and its place in this movement in the highest regard. In this way, it seeks to ensure that its business gives back to the region it operates within, supporting and funding non-profit environmental and social projects through non- governmental organisations in the ASEAN region out of its own pocket. This company also follows official guidance on social responsibility to ensure a high level of corporate oversight. In this manner, it works to uphold ISO 26000 and the Guidance on Social Responsibility for SME’s of the European Commission.