Singapore Business Awards 2021

22 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , GATES PCM Integrated Services Pte Ltd, or GPIS, is a security and protections focused company that offers top of the line services executed by trained professionals in its field. It protects clients’ interests both nationally in Singapore and internationally. Furthermore, its solutions are wide ranging and holistic, giving its clients peace of mind that it can handle the protection of every aspect of their operation. Its services include protection for buildings and institutions, carried out by highly trained security officers that GPIS provides to bolster the ranks of its clients’ staff. It also offers VIP Protection Services, events security services for clients running large gatherings or galas, and 24-hour surveillance through an operations and control centre that uses state-of-the-art technology to keep track of live situations as they unfold. Furthermore, it offers security auditing surveys and fully integrated security systems that make it a cut above the rest. The mission that underpins all its work can be summarised as providing the best in first class security systems and expertise. In this way, it effectively protects the lives, properties and information of its clients to great effect and with attention to the most minute of details. Its core values also run through every element of its organisational model from the bottom to the top of the company. These are respect, integrity, dedication, teamwork, and professionalism, and in upholding them it reassures each client that they are receiving the best service their money can buy. The company’s motto, ‘always safe, forever secure,’ pertinently shows the seriousness with which it takes its duties to its clients and its region. Alongside its service of its large and varied client based, all of whom it has built relationships with based on trust and excellent results, it is part of the Total Defence Framework of Singapore. This is a frontline supporting defence service that works tirelessly and around the clock to ensure the safety of its local area. Furthermore, GPIS is one of the fastest growing security agencies in the country due to the reputation it has forged from its exponential growth while combining continuous improvement through the consistent execution of services using integration of technology with physical security. In this way, it seeks to be part of the creation of an environment in which everyone who contracts it ‘may sleep at ease’ knowing that GPIS is guarding their wellbeing. Despite being a relatively young company, finding its start in 2011, the GPIS brand has strived to uphold its core tenants unshakably and in a way that surpasses client expectations. It has a glowing track record with testimonials from private and corporate entities who have availed of its services, and such clients have spanned a range of sectors. For example, it has provided security and protection solutions for commercial entities, residential areas, industrial complexes, educational facilities, and Best Security Service Provider 2021 GPIS is a security focused company dedicated to holding itself to lofty standards. With the trust of its clients behind it, it is excited to be able to further growwithin its dynamic sector. Jan21005 Company: GATES PCM Integrated Services Pte Ltd Contact: Dexter Allan Website: governmental buildings. Its VIP services also serve a niche target market in the high-income clients that both visit and live in Singapore. Having a customer focused approach to its business means that GPIS can give each client the attention and dedication that each situation or circumstance demands. This is an element of its service valued across the board by its diverse clientele, consequentially enhancing its ability to contextualise its services based on the scenario that is presented to it. This allows it to tailor its solutions appropriately and prepare for whatever challenges the job may present with professionalism. In tandem with this, its adaptability in both its business model and attitude mean that it can keep up an industry that is forever changing; security as a sector is one that is consistently updating its technology, standards, and legalities, and so GPIS has been vigilant in keeping abreast of such things. When hiring, it looks to find young talent, and ensures that internally its officers feel cared for. GPIS may be a young company, but with the numerous accolades, credits, and high- profile clients under its belt, its growth is looking to continue to trend positively as it takes its industry by storm. GATES PCM Integrated Services Pte Ltd