Singapore Business Awards 2021

21 APAC / Singapore Awards 2021 , Based in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Evolve & Adapt is a leading strategy and digital marketing consultancy that has earned international acclaim for its adoption of a hybrid strategic approach to marketing. Specialists in building businesses on and offline, E&A follows a unique philosophy which, unlike many in its market, emphasises strategy above tactics. Whilst most marketing agencies are adept in tactical implementation, they prioritise it over core strategy, often to their own detriment. E&A, on the other hand, begins each project with a strategy that incorporates comprehensive market research of everything from industry trends to consumer behaviour to external market forces, to create a positioning and branding strategy that is enhanced by the expertise and experience of the team of consultants. This strategy can then be used to shape marketing and business tactics, which E&A is able to implement effectively. As one of the few agencies of marketing consultants in Singapore that offers services in both traditional and digital marketing, the vast breadth of E&A’s expertise has made the firm a prime choice for clients across Asia and beyond. Moreover, the firm’s certifications and qualifications from international organisations further enhances E&A’s comprehensive services of Strategic Marketing Consulting, Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation, Web Design and Development, and Search Engine Optimisation. As a result, the award-winning firm is proving that despite its relative youth, its clientele of B2B and B2C companies can rely on E&A to elevate their business. The firm first opened its doors just as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, meaning that the vital first months of business activity came to a standstill and the team was dispersed from the brand-new office space to work remotely. As a result, however, E&A boasts profound insight into the effects of Covid-19 on business operations and marketing strategies. For instance, the work-from-home trend has resulted in a significant shift towards online platforms for communications, sales and marketing, whilst the data analytics provided by big data platforms such as Facebook, Google and YouTube are crucial to efficiently collecting information about market segments and trends. With E&A learning more about data interpretation with the support of Facebook’s digital agency outreach team, the firm is able to support clients to survive and thrive in a digitally evolving world. Prior to the pandemic, E&A had anticipated this shift towards data and digital platforms and decided to invest in various online solutions Best Strategy & Digital Marketing Consultancy 2021 Evolve & Adapt is an award-winning, ESG-certified strategy and digital marketing consultant that takes an innovative, hybrid approach to growing businesses online and offline. Adhering to a philosophy that puts ‘strategy before tactics’, E&A sets itself apart from its competition by meticulously determining and directingmarketing and business strategies before tactically implementing them. The result is a specialised consultancy firmwith an international reputation for success. Dec20182 Evolve & Adapt Company: Evolve & Adapt Contact: J C Sum Website: that would allow the team to communicate regularly with their clients through digital mediums. As an integral element of the company, the E&A team are therefore recruited for a technological competence which complements their individual skillsets in a range of marketing roles. Operating in a fast-changing industry, E&A also selects team members who are eager to learn, are creative problem-solvers, and who thrive in a dynamic, interactive work environment. These attributes meant that when business activity came to a halt in the initial stages of the pandemic, E&A was able to efficiently train their team to adjust to operations in the landscapes of Covid-19. During this period, E&A also led free public online master classes for businesses that shared the need to engage in digital marketing and developed clients through the firm’s lead generation efforts. As a result, E&A signed on eight new consulting clients, growing the team to accommodate this increase and opening an overseas office in Kuala Lumpur in only seven months. The team is hoping to add two more to its number in the next few months as E&A continues to see further growth. In its efforts to enhance its services for clients and share more insights about the evolving nature of traditional and digital marketing, E&A is currently in the midst of establishing strategic partnerships with a digital growth and education company and a brand identity design house. As the firm continues to build its strong network of clients and partners around it, E&A is placing itself at the forefront of the marketing sector, leading the way into a future of evolution.